Cosmic Railroad

Article Contributed by gratefulweb | Published on Thursday, September 8, 2005

This original jam band hailing from southeastern Wisconsin was established in 1999. All the members of Cosmic Railroad have found themselves and their styles absorbed by the band. The band is known for putting the groove back in groove music with its shows. A sound that moves through uncharted water night after night never knowing what's going to pop up next.

Performing regularly since the spring of 1999 Cosmic Railroad has become well known for it's live performances particularly in the Milwaukee and Chicagoland area. They have appeared at such nationally recognized clubs as "The Brat Stop" and "The BBC". They have also been invited to play at several different festivals in the southeastern Wisconsin and Illinois area, as well as different colleges throughout the Midwest.

Cosmic Railroad shows no signs of slowing down, in fact, they are traveling more than ever and gaining more and more ground both from the family (fans) standpoint and the improvisational standpoint.

The band is also trying to release as many live recordings as possible as the demand for them continues to grow. The band tries to release a new bootleg every few months as well as downloadable music files on their web site. These bootlegs are intended for the Cosmic Railroad family (the people that come to the shows) so they can help spread the word. (Please feel free to duplicate recordings as long as they are not used for profits in anyway).

Cosmic Railroad hopes that their family (fans) enjoy the journey with them.

Tourdates can be found HERE.