Cousin J | Grown Up | Review

Article Contributed by RJ Frometa | Published on Thursday, January 31, 2013

What can be considered real rap or hip hop music or just plain business? Many may argue that it's all in the lyrics. In that case, to some extent, we can say that Cousin J is perhaps not really a rapper. Among other things, it may be so or not.What there's absolutely no doubt about is that it is tremendously fun and entertaining, and that can be seen immediately in the first song that starts the album, "Love Me," where we can hear a bit of Kanye West, Wiz and Tinie Tempah Kalifah. This is something that we will be appreciating throughout the entire record."Papered Up" is simply a continuation of what we were hearing. The beats, elements, and effects combine to create something that will simply make you dance in milliseconds. Similarly, it is something completely addictive."All For You" is completely different. It has more of – how shall I say – R & B, R. Kelly ... This time the rapper joins Lotis J to create a romantic, seductive, amazing piece.Again "Takin Off" returns to the same, now assuming a little more sound of, where the letters fly and are complemented by the music. Track and Trace J Da Man ​​make excellent appearances, always on target.Many songs are going to, well, drive you crazy in a good way; we find "Stackin Chips," where words against certain groups of people are in the entire song and no one is saved from the attack.In conclusion, this album may not be the most original in the world, but if you are looking for music to have a good time while you feel like an incredible euphoria envelops you, this is an album you should buy immediately.