Craig Cummings Releases The Gulf Between Us

Article Contributed by Broken Jukebox Media | Published on Sunday, April 18, 2021

Craig Cummings is a celebrated singer/songwriter who performs throughout the mid-Atlantic region. His country-tinged, Americana portraits are infused with a pop sensibility, born of many years listening to chart topping stalwarts such as The Beatles and Willie Nelson, and more recently, Jason Isbell, Lucinda Williams, and Chris Stapleton. His 2019 release, Absolute Surprise, was voted a finalist for Best Americana/Country Album by the Washington Area Music Association (The Wammies) and reached #29 on the national Roots Music Chart.

Craig’s newest release, The Gulf Between Us features songs that explore the barriers that keep us apart – our social and political views; the challenges of a global pandemic; an economic system that divides the rich from the poor; the demise of romantic relationships and those we love. These are heady themes that match the seriousness of our times, but Craig’s upbeat musical accompaniment suggests that difficult topics can still be joyously explored. Craig’s approach is observational. He invites the listener to peer into the personal lives of his characters and consider how the insights gained might make us better people.

Craig’s powerful voice and rhythmic guitar stylings bring crowds to his live performances. On this, his 5th studio album, Craig continues to show why he is among the most accomplished singer/songwriters to come out of the mid-Atlantic region.

1. The Gulf Between Us 
2. The Southern Wall 
3. Momma and Me
4. Like Thieves
5. Sleeping Alone
6. Living Without You 
7. Save