Creature Comfort To Release Anti-Trump Single

Article Contributed by Echo Ave | Published on Tuesday, May 23, 2017

East Nashville’s four-piece indie space rock band Creature Comfort will celebrate the June 9th release of "Common John (Southern Shame)" as the band debuts at Bonnaroo on June 10th following their Road To Roo championship. View Bonnaroo details HERE

Known for creating thought provoking art, "Common John (Southern Shame)" delivers an outcry for southerners fighting for resistance in our current political moment. The Tullahoma, TN native breatheran penned the track as a cultural observation of Donald Trump support in the South. They recorded it immediately following the funeral of guitarist Nick Rose's mother who fought cancer to the very end.

To call "Common John (Southern Shame)" emotive is an understatement.

Lead singer / songwriter / rhythm guitarist Jessey Clark describes it as "...a culmination of emotions that I’ve had in my adult life regarding my southern heritage and its clash with my liberal social/political views." Trump’s values seemed to be the polar opposite of his surrounding family’s views, yet they voted for the controversial candidate. The song was written as a coping mechanism to Clark’s internal struggle.

He asks, “How can it be that someone I love so much can support someone who has so much hate in their heart?” Clark's perspective is not only as a southern artist but as an educated pharmacist with a Belmont Doctorate of Pharmacy, an intriguing and rare combination to write from.

In June, Creature Comfort will be featured in Nashville's NATIVE magazine as they prepare to celebrate how their blood, sweat, tears, talent and statewide Road To Roo championship has earned them their Bonnaroo debut, a lifetime dream growing up on the outskirts of the festival. 

The new track is a taste of what is to come and the band's best song to date as they prepare writing for a full album premiere. 

In the meantime, check out the band's acclaimed EP Echoes & Relics and stay tuned for more announcements!