David & the Curse set to release Debut EP

Article Contributed by Publicity Please | Published on Thursday, October 27, 2016

Born and bred in Los Angeles, singer-songwriter-guitarist-pianist-producer David Stücken has often been compared to revered rocker Ryan Adams for his artistry, self-production and music craftsmanship. David is the force behind LA-based rock band David and The Curse whose dynamic debut An Epitaph For Love is due out early 2017. David wrote and produced the autobiographical album of gritty rock tales told through the lens of an anti-hero. A prolific songwriter, David writes earnestly with his electric guitar, painting pictures of personal battles and tales from the darkest corners of LA to the brightest lights of the downtown skyline. His songs combine the jaded angst that only a native Angeleno possesses paired with a romantic streak baked in by the blazing SoCal sun.  

An Epitaph For Love is rock n’ roll with beats as stiff and hard as a dive bar cocktail with a mix of poetic and meaningful lyrics. The album captures the band’s unique sound while boasting hints of American roots, R&B, raucous rock via the Ramones and the Rolling Stones and the emotive, organic, true songwriting of Tom Petty, John Lennon and Bruce Springsteen. David explains, “To me, the confluence of songwriting and the music are key to every great song. An Epitaph For Love blends new elements of music with the classic influences I grew up listening to.”

David and The Curse made a passionate, raw, relevant album of ten potent songs that pull no punches. The tracks tell stories related to the hopeful search for love and happiness. “The title of the record echoes my never-ending desire to find deep love despite having lost love in the past,” says David.

The decadent first single "She Loves the Night" is a powerfully honest rock anthem boasting blazing guitars, deep snare tones and an infectious sexy croon. The woman depicted in the song is as dangerous as a loaded pistol. The undeniably catchy melody of “Diamond Ring” is the embodiment of when love is in perfect harmony. “The song reflects a time in my life when I experienced a sense of pure happiness,” shares David. “It’s a love song written while in love by a hopeless romantic.” The driving riffs and tribal thumps of “Matters of Flesh” reflect those dark times when you look into the mirror and don’t recognize the face staring back. Circumstances can sometimes make monsters out of men. “Queen Of The Blues” is beautifully upbeat while marinating in the sweet nostalgia of lost love.

David Stücken has been writing and performing since he was 12 years old and has played alongside luminaries such as TSOL, The Buzzcocks, Social Distortion and more. David and The Curse’s rousing live shows are electrifying and bold. With An Epitaph For Love, David has crafted an exciting, ambitious, formidable first album that immediately captivates and holds tight.