David Shaw of The Revivalists Responds to Ongoing War Against Women’s Reproductive Rights with New Song

Article Contributed by Big Hassle Media | Published on Saturday, March 2, 2024

Acclaimed singer-songwriter David Shaw has shared his powerful new single, “Alabama,” available today via his own Yokoko Records.

Recorded at the historic FAME Studios in Muscle Shoals, AL, “Alabama” serves as Shaw’s deeply personal response to the ongoing battle against women’s reproductive rights as well as last week’s Alabama Supreme Court ruling that embryos created during IVF fertility treatments should be considered children. Shaw’s frustration – as well as the recent birth of his daughter – inspired his emotional return to the feelings originally captured while recording in Muscle Shoals.


"Music has always been, and always will be at its core a way for people to come together over a common love and bond,” says Shaw. “It’s the great communicator. It reaches the heart of the unreachable and voice of the unspeakable. It has the distinct ability to pierce the heart of the hardened. Alabama was written to be a beacon of awareness for what’s going on in the South and our beloved country.

“I adore living in the south. It’s my home. There’s a warmth here to the people and places we inhabit. But sometimes it can feel like you’re swinging upstream without a paddle with an 800-pound gorilla on your back. It’s hard and it hurts to realize where we are and how far we have to go to reach some sort of common ground and understanding. We’re divided in so many ways but bodily autonomy and reproductive rights for women shouldn’t be one of them. We’ve got to stand up and come together on this. I’m hoping with some action we can find a way forward together. I love you all. "

Known far and wide as frontman for The Revivalists, David Shaw made an extraordinary solo debut with 2021’s eponymous David Shaw, exemplifying his hard-working and courageous nature as he placed a renewed focus on self-care and personal growth. Produced by GRAMMY® Award-winner Jack Splash (Kendrick Lamar, Alicia Keys, Solange), the album saw the singer, songwriter, musician and producer following the direction of his own internal compass, riling up his raw rock ‘n’ roll impulses as he opens up like never before as a lyricist, poet, and storyteller. Noticing something within himself that, as he says, he “needed to water,” Shaw began to create a new personal equilibrium in his life. Listening solely to his own creative impulses, Shaw constructed a studio in his backyard where the songs took shape before recording at The Parlor Recording Studio in his home base of New Orleans, LA. Accompanying Shaw on the album is an ensemble of talented musicians and friends including Neal Francis (vocals/guitar), PJ Howard (drums), Mike Starr (bass), and Chris Gelbuda (guitar).

In addition to The Revivalists’ five studio albums – which have earned close to 800M worldwide streams and include the RIAA Platinum-certified #1 hit, “Wish I Knew You” – Shaw spearheaded the creation of the band’s RevCauses, a philanthropic umbrella fund supporting organizations dedicated to investing in our communities, health, and environment. By donating a portion of ticket sales, through fan donations, and a variety of other fundraising efforts, the band assists multiple national and local organizations in building a better future. Current organizations benefitting from RevCauses include After School Matters, Mercy Ships, Musically Fed, Trans Lifeline, ACLU of Louisiana, Healing Minds NOLA, New Orleans Family Justice Alliance, and Restore The Mississippi River Delta.

David Shaw


Alabama, I hate to see you this way

You've seen bluer skies, you've seen better days

And I'll always love you

Just like I have from the start

Alabama, you're breaking my heart

You know me, yeah, you know I know you well

From the banks of the Tennessee to the swamps down in Silver Hill

You're a sign of the times and you can shine like a star

Alabama, you're breaking my heart

Count your blessings and let it go

Just let love rule like flowers grow

Just let it grow

Alabama, you're the heart and you're the soul

You're a sweet melody, you're a song to us all

The crazy ways of the world could never keep us apart

Alabama, you're breaking my heart

You're breaking my heart

You're breaking my heart

You're breaking my heart

Produced by: David Shaw and Chris Gelbuda

Mixing Engineer: Mack Major                                          

Mastering: Jay Franco

Art: David Shaw with help from Katie Reahl

Lead Vocals: David Shaw

Guitar: Chris Gelbuda

Organ: Neal Francis

Background vocals: Chris Gelbuda

Drums: Pj Howard

Bass: Mike Starr

Guitar: Kellen Boersma