Dazzle Named a Denver Legacy Business

Article Contributed by gratefulweb | Published on Wednesday, May 1, 2024

Mayor Mike Johnston and the City of Denver are proud to announce Dazzle as one of their newest Legacy Businesses. This prestigious title is awarded to small businesses that have operated for a decade or more and have made significant contributions to the unique character of their communities and the city at large.

The Denver Legacy Business Program celebrates establishments that not only define the iconic nature of their neighborhoods but also actively support their residents in various ways. These businesses stand against the tide of “blandification”—a sameness that can strip a city of its individuality and warmth, where no one knows your name.

For years, Dazzle has been a cornerstone of quality musical entertainment in downtown Denver, earning its place as a beloved "third space" beyond work and home. Here, surrounded by a vibrant community of musicians, patrons, members, and cherished customers, everyone finds a welcoming atmosphere. With exceptional music, food, and drink, Dazzle fosters a thriving hub for Denver’s music lovers.

Owner Chad Schneider expressed his gratitude, stating, “Being included in the Denver Legacy Business Program is a great honor. Dazzle has been a part of the Denver community for 27 years, providing a lively venue for entertaining jazz performances and delightful dining experiences. It’s the quintessential spot to enjoy great music, relax, and be seen.”

Co-owner Matt Ruff added, “It has never just been our venue; it has always been Denver’s live music venue. It’s an honor to be recognized by the city and the mayor for the legacy we have built together.”

Dazzle is proud to contribute to Denver’s legacy to #ListenMore, #GiveMore, #LoveMore.