DeadBeat returns to play their 10th Anniversary Show at The Bull Run

Article Contributed by Simon Says Publicity | Published on Tuesday, May 12, 2015

DeadBeat, the area's premier Grateful Dead tribute band, returns to play their 10th Anniversary Show at The Bull Run on Friday, May 29th. With such a large catalog of music to draw from, DeadBeat has the opportunity to bring their own unique style to the music, and also honor the flavor and flow that was the showmanship of the Grateful Dead. They are currently joined on stage by more recent additions to the band, vocalist Jenna Markard, formerly of the Zen Tricksters, and keyboardist, Rich Cessarini. This show is anticipated to be another great success at this beloved and historic venue!

DeadBeat has been performing the original music of the Grateful Dead and its family of bands, as well as music covered by those groups, since 2005. Lead guitarist Brian Stormwind and bassist Mike "Bails" Bailey have been playing together since 1988 and met rhythm guitar and vocalist Gary Barth in 2003. The band was finally formed when drummer Joe Pulitano answered a Craig's List ad in 2005. When these guys got together to play they decided to form a new band that focused on their mutual love of the music of The Grateful Dead and the Jam Band sound and experience. DeadBeat was born! They are currently joined on stage by more recent additions to the band, vocalist Jenna Markard and keyboardist Rich Cessarini.

DeadBeat has been playing up and down the New England Coast, including their highly successful benefit shows in early 2014 for the Oral Cancer and Dana-Farber Cancer Foundations. More recently, DeadBeat has played at the Old 78 Farm Fall Festival in Warwick, MA, Brighton Music Hall in Allston, MA, and the Opus Underground in Salem, MA. Back in February, in the cold, rain and snow of the bucolic New Hampshire town of Peterborough, NH DeadBeat played to a sold-out at Harlow's Pub. Check out the review. Now that the weather has turned, the band is now looking forward to returning to the much loved venues of the Riverwalk Café in Nashua, NH and The Stone Church in Newmarket, NH. DeadBeat has been keeping its chops in shape this winter and spring and the band is looking forward to hitting the stage this summer. Come celebrate with them and and dance to some good old-fashioned Grateful Dead music!

"There is nothing more special than when the music fully 'clicks.' Sometimes this can be in rehearsal, and sometimes onstage. Sometimes it is just a jam within a song, and sometimes it is a full show. No matter where and when it happens, there is nothing like being able to completely lose yourself in the moment...while the music plays through the band collectively."
~ Gary Barth

"There are lots for great memories from the last 10 years and it's hard to pin down the best - however for me it's real hard to beat the first time we played Brighton Music Hall, a place I used to frequent 30 years ago when it was called Harper's Ferry, never for a moment thinking that one day I will be playing on that stage."
~ Joseph Pulitano

"Love this band and its members; Bails (bass) and I have been playing together since 1988, met Gary (guitar) in 2003 through our wives, found Joe (drums) through Craigslist in 2005, and Jennifer, who I saw play in the Zen Tricksters in the early 80's, joined the band and hooked us up with Rich (keys) about 4-5 years ago. And now I am living the dream!"
~ Brian Stormwind

"My favorite gigs are the ones where the audience sings along and dances their butts off, we feed from their energy and the night becomes better for all involved, always at Harlow's and Stone Church and Brighton Music Hall. I liked the time we sold out up in Nashua at the Riverwalk Café and Bar even before sound check."
~ Jennifer Markard

"The music of the Grateful Dead is relatively new to me. While I am still not a "real" Dead-Head I have a new found respect for the material, the songwriting, and for their unique approach to performing music which was so very groundbreaking fifty years ago. The Grateful Dead are an American icon who have withstood the test of time. This is very apparent when we play for such appreciative audiences with members young and old. It has been a real learning experience and so much fun "Playin' In the Band."
~ Rich Cesarini

"The Riverwalk was a standout because it lead right into that very emotional Harlow's gig the following weekend." (Feb 13, 2015)
~ Mike "Bails" Bailey

Friday, May 29th
The Bull Run
215 Great Road Shirley, MA 01464
(978) 425-4311
Doors 6pm, show 8pm
Tickets $10, all ages


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