Devarrow's surprise Album drop defies Folk-Pop Sensibilities

Article Contributed by Mystic Sons | Published on Tuesday, April 30, 2024

Following on from the double single release of ‘Kickin’ and ‘In Time', Canadian singer-songwriter Devarrow is back with the surprise drop of his album ‘A Long & Distant Wave’ available now.

During a 5 year hiatus, Devarrow dedicated himself to refining his musical prowess and crafting the songs for his imminent release. Reflecting the rhythmic cadence of the ocean's ebb and flow, 'A Long & Distant Wave' intricately encapsulates the fleeting nature of time and the enduring power of memory. Departing from his well-known four-on-the-floor folk-pop style, Devarrow boldly explores the realms of lo-fi soundscapes, embracing the raw charm of a tape hiss and the intimate ambiance of a home studio setting.

Despite the DIY approach, the album maintains a pop sensibility with catchy hooks and strong melodies that linger in the mind long after listening. Inspired by a diverse array of musicians ranging from contemporaries like Chris Cohen, Fleet Foxes, and Whitney to iconic figures such as Neil Young and Townes Van Zandt, Devarrow masterfully weaves together a sonic tapestry that seamlessly blends familiarity with innovation. The end result is a mesmerising auditory journey that defies conventional folk boundaries, inviting reflection on life's intervals, anticipation of new waves, and cherishing past memories.

Attention must be drawn to the album's focus track, 'Something About Getting Old,' which exudes a laid-back yet melancholic energy. Born from an iPhone demo of a simple melody crafted by Devarrow in a park, the song poignantly reflects on the inevitability of ageing and the bittersweet acceptance of life's changes.

Of the track, Devarrow said “In fact, it was one of the first songs I recorded for A Long & Distant Wave, and helped form the backbone of the record’s vibe and lyrical content. This song was also one of the first times I experimented with ad libbing lyrics, and in fact, the lyrics of the outro were all done in one take, with no ready-made writing or prompts.”

While serving as a standalone piece, the album is a crucial precursor to upcoming releases scheduled for the latter half of 2024. ‘A Long & Distant Wave’ not only tells its own story but challenges conventional narratives around art creation. Devarrow's message is clear: he aims to dismantle the notion that art must emerge from a tortured and introspective place dictated by emotions. Instead, he advocates for making art quickly and for the sheer joy of it, without compromising artistic integrity. This perspective is Devarrow's stance on art creation, challenging the notion he feels he adhered to for too long. The future promises an abundance of releases from Devarrow.

‘A Long & Distant Wave’ will be available across all major streaming platforms from April 26th.


    Something About Getting Old
    Begin Again
    A Shadow Apart
     Race Car Driver
    In Time
    A Long & Distant Wave
    Hard Times Coming