The Disco Biscuits Present Revolution In Motion

Article Contributed by Jamie Huenefeld | Published on Thursday, April 4, 2024

The Disco Biscuits released their much anticipated ninth album Revolution in Motion to a sold out crowd at New York City's Webster Hall on March 29, 2024. This was not just any album, but rather a techno "Space Opera," where the Disco Biscuit band members are a subset of the characters. Musicians Erin Boyd, Matteo Scammell, and Cloudchord all contributed to this multi-dimensional and well orchestrated performance.

The Disco Biscuits | Webster Hall

The visuals were quite stunning, and the product of live animations by Blunt Action and Todd Kushnir. The lazer fueled light show was designed by lighting wizard Alex "Herm" Schneider. The visuals in the venue were equally stellar. Fans walked into life-size alien cutouts from the album’s animated film as well as 3D outer-space visuals on the venue’s video wall.

Bassist Marc Brownstein | The Disco Biscuits

The show began with a twenty five minute "Shocked!," the first track from the new album. Drummer Allen Aucoin delivered steady beats during this fiery first tune. A perfect transition ensued to "The Wormhole." Vocalist Erin Boyd joined the band as The Queen for an energetic "Twisted in the Road." The crowd was loving this dance friendly collaboration, along with well placed tension and release by guitarist Jon Gutwillig.

Guitarist Jon Gutwillig | The Disco Biscuits

Keyboardist Aron Magner elevated the jam by a function of synth during "Another Plan of Attack." Bassist Marc Brownstein glued everything together, as the band descended into another deep house jam that quickly evolved into "Times Square." The music certainly felt like a space ship at this point. The set ended on a high note with "Freeze."

Aron Magner on the keytar and Cloudchord | Webster Hall

The second set picked up where the first set left off: waste deep in a mind melting techno space opera. Matteo Scammell contributed vocals during this raging tune as The Scientist. This feel good dance tune segued into "Spaga's Last Stand," which featured producer Cloudchord on guitar, who also helped produce Revolution in Motion. This built into a trance driven climax, as Magner donned a large keytar while he and Cloudchord played back to back.

Vocalist Erin Boyd | Webster Hall

Another non-stop series began, starting with "Who's In Charge?" and the interstellar beats from Aucoin. An interstellar transition into an eighteen minute "The Deal" followed. The high energy, layered music was driven by Gutwilig's galactically charged guitar, and did not stop, like a "Space Train," which also happened to be the next tune. Another raging transition led into the ominous "One Change to Save the World." "Why We Dance" ended this non-stop sequence, and saw Boyd return to the stage on vocals at the Queen.

The Disco Biscuits | Webster Hall

The show ended close to 1am with the last track of the new album, "To Be Continued." This included another appearance by Scammell as the Scientist.

Fans loved the show | The Disco Biscuits

The Disco Biscuits have been crushing shows with new songs and a revitalized energy. They are up next at the House of Blues in New Orleans, LA on April 4th. Tickets are available via this link. Head on over to their tour page for more dates in your region.

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Set 1: Shocked! > The Wormhole > Twisted in the Road1 > Another Plan of Attack > Times Square > Freeze
Set 2: Tourists (Rocket Ship)2 > Spaga's Last Stand3, Who's In Charge? > The Deal > Space Train > One Chance to Save the World > Why We Dance1, To Be Continued2
1. with Erin Boyd on vocals (playing The Queen)
2. with Matteo Scammell on vocals (playing The Scientist)
3. with Cloudchord on guitar and Magner on keytar

The Disco Biscuits | Webster Hall

Matteo Scammell at the Scientist | Disco Biscuits

Keyboardist Aaron Magner | The Disco Biscuits

The Disco Biscuits | Webster Hall

The Disco Biscuits | Webster Hall