Dive Right In: Lake Street Dive’s Latest Album is a Splash of Brilliance

Article Contributed by Tony Mueller | Published on Friday, June 7, 2024

For the last 20 years, Lake Street Dive has proven to be not only a perfect fixture for Rachael Price to display her instantly recognizable vocals but also a standout in modern pop culture. Forming in 2004 in Boston, they have come a very long way. Spending their younger years inside a dive bar on Lake St. in Minneapolis, the Bryant Lake Bowl inspired their clever and catchy name. This band has been something special since the beginning. They really started to grab the public eye (including my own) with the record "Bad Self Portraits" released in 2014. That groundbreaking album featured some of their most memorable tracks. “You Go Down Smooth” sits at the top of all-time Lake Street Dive singles. The third tune, “Better Than,” is one I’ve always considered a personal favorite. Ten years and a few more albums later, it’s time for us all to experience their next monumental production, "Good Together."

The opening track shares the name of the record and is a perfect opening song. Simultaneously, it’s a flawless mix of what makes this band so good and why we all feel the way we do when hearing Price sing. The album could end there and it would already be five stars. As it rolls on, "Good Together" presents exciting opportunities to dance with those around you and share the great feeling of harmonizing alongside the band.

This album is the first of theirs to benefit from all band members involving themselves in the writing process under the same roof. It’s easy to hear the camaraderie felt while constructing songs such as “Help Is On The Way” and “Party On The Roof.” The lyrics and feel of “Dance With A Stranger” and “Get Around” immediately take you into the crowd grooving to Mike Calabrese’s drum kicks. What is initially apparent on this new album is that the whole band was clicking on all cylinders during its construction. One thing’s for sure: the collaborations, vibrations, and lyrics have reached the mark set by previous recordings.

Lake Street Dive - photo by Backstage Flash

If Lake Street Dive has always made you want to shake and move, then you will be satisfied when you hear the tracks “Better Not Tell You” and “Seats At The Bar.” These types of songs define what all the instrumentalists can really do within the band. You’ll want to move graciously from the bar stool to the dance floor as you hear Bridget Kearney’s eclectic bass lines. And that is exactly why Lake Street Dive’s fan base features so many types of people. It’s tough to rope them into one genre, and that’s what’s truly remarkable about them.

With this release, Price was able to get personal and dive into the feelings surrounding long-lost love from a younger age in “Twenty-Five.” Along with that, she unearthed passages from early journals of hers in the haunting but pride-filled “Walking Uphill.” Finally, the last song “Set Sail (Prometheus & Eros)” takes a page straight out of a Disney number as Akie Bermiss duets with Price over an ensemble of bowed instruments. It comes to a climax that can only make me think of how it felt to watch my favorite characters performing on screen as a child. Either way, the album tops off with a powerful sensation of joy during its fleeting moments.

As a final thought, Lake Street Dive is once again proving that they are at the top of their careers. This album and this tour are truly landmarks for all members. Once it’s over, the world will be left with reminders of what Price and her gang can do. Be prepared for when this album hits the stores and streaming sites. June 21st is so close, and when you get your hands on it, you’ll have a part of musical history. One day, this band will be recognized as one of the greats, if they are not already. For now, you’ll have to figure out when they’re coming to a city near you. These folks are pushing the limits of what’s possible, and you should make sure you catch the spectacle while you can!