Dogs In A Pile Bowl a Strike in Philly on a Tasty Tooker Bar Night

Article Contributed by Dogs In A Pile | Published on Tuesday, October 24, 2023

In a glorious Philadelphia evening, Dogs In A Pile (DIAP) set the Brooklyn Bowl Philadelphia stage ablaze with their musical fireworks as the Phillies triumphed and created their own display of on-field pyrotechnics. This was a night when the stars aligned, and the intersection of music and sports created an unforgettable experience for the “Dog Pound” faithful. The group of loyal and infectiously energetic fans showed up in force – packing out the venue to a tune of nearly 900 attendees. This marked the band’s biggest turnout (outside of The Stone Pony in their hometown Asbury Park) for a headlining show to date.

To show their appreciation for their dedicated fans who bought merch, the Dogs handed out free "Tooker Bars”, a tasty chocolate bar created by Asher's Chocolate Co. and adorned with “Mr. Tooker”-inspired artwork by rising scene artist/frequent band collaborator Andrew Sax (@somesaxyart).

DIAP took full advantage of the electric atmosphere, channeling the energy from the game into their own performance. As the Phillies clinched a thrilling playoff victory during the Dogs show, bursts of cheers and jubilation reverberated through the crowd. It was a celebration of epic proportions and the euphoria spilled over into the cozy spot located in the city’s vibrant Fishtown neighborhood.

The Brooklyn Bowl was transformed into a vessel of soundscape exploration, with the band taking the audience on a sonic journey through the synth-laden “Stranger” into a delectable cover of Daft Punk’s “Around The World”. The Tom Marshall written “You Didn’t Hear It From Me” came next – a surefire reminder of DIAP’s rapid upward trajectory during a year that has seen the quintet interviewed by the legendary Phish lyricist back in August at The Stone Pony.

A major highlight was the long-awaited return of the crowd favorite "G Song”. For the first time in 49 shows and since their performance in Bend, Oregon back in June, the Dogs resurrected the cherished tune. The anticipation was met with an especially epic rendition of the song, featuring an awe-inspiring peak that sent the room into a dancing frenzy of joy.

The band's debut of a duo of classic covers injected the setlist with spontaneity and freshness. Just the night before at the Music Hall of Williamsburg in New York, they had surprised fans with a first-time cover of Michael Jackson's "The Way You Make Me Feel”. But the surprises continued in The City of Brotherly Love as they unveiled a never-before-heard rendition of Steve Miller Band's "Fly Like an Eagle”, a choice of song that couldn't have been more appropriate in the city known for its beloved Philadelphia Eagles. They also finished the show introducing their take on “Saturday Night’s Alright For Fighting”.

Right before the Elton John cut, the band's tour manager Kieran Tooker, affectionately known as Mr. Tooker, made a cameo appearance during the encore. Much to the delight of the Dog Pound, he brought a mic to help sing the encore, "Tookin' Around” – a song that encapsulates the family vibe DIAP sets out to create.

As the gig ended, the applause and roars echoed the spirit of an evening that combined the transcendence of live music and the thrill of playoff baseball. It was a night that continued to prove that the magic of a Dogs In A Pile show can truly create its own fireworks.

A live recording of the show is available on nugs or Bandcamp.