DOPAPOD drops AIBOH – An Auditory Odyssey Launched on the Start of Palindrome Week 4/20/24

Article Contributed by Death Waltz Media | Published on Tuesday, April 23, 2024

Breaking from their traditional palindrome-centric titles, Dopapod boldly releases their latest album, Aiboh, aligning with the commencement of palindrome week. The date, 4/20/24, not only signifies the start of this numerically unique week but also heralds a new era for Dopapod, as they explore the depths of musical symmetry without the confines of a palindromic album name. This strategic release underscores the band's continued dedication to playing with patterns and expectations, all while inviting their audience to dive into a profound sonic experience. 

Dopapod | Aiboh

The Revelation of Aiboh

As the calendar mirrors itself from 4/20/24 to 4/29/24, so will the tunes of Dopapod resonate with themes of reflection and balance. The cover art of Aiboh shows a traveler meeting a vibrant, surreal creature in a twisted, reflective landscape—a manifestation of the band’s commitment to fantastical imagery. 

Tracklist for Aiboh 
1. Runny 
2. Arnold 
3. Everybody is a Baby 
4. Boch 
5. Peter Banning 
6. End of The Yea 
7. Et Tu, Brute? 
8. Clouds 

Despite stepping away from their traditional album title style, Aiboh remains true to Dopapod's ethos of crafting music that's as explorative and innovative as it is evocative. Each track from "Runny" to "Clouds" presents a journey through the band’s diverse influences and musical musings. 

Dopapod | Photo by Dani Barbieri

Dopapod’s signature meld of jam band liveliness, funk’s rhythm, jazz's precision, and the audacity of progressive rock has evolved into something even more compelling in Aiboh. This album promises to be a transformative addition to their discography, inviting listeners to redefine their expectations of the band’s sound.

AIBOH is now streaming on all platforms. Stay tuned for announcements on Dopapod's upcoming tour dates and prepare to join them on a musical odyssey that is as unexpected as the palindrome week it celebrates.