Dustbowl Revival Releases New Single, "Beside You"

Article Contributed by The Regime | Published on Friday, October 2, 2020

Cut-to-heart folk rock sextet, Dustbowl Revival, are pleased to announce the release of a new single, “Beside You” available now across all streaming platforms.

“Beside You” was recorded initially in part of the Is it You, Is it Me sessions but as it presented a deep sentimental value, the band elected to release it as a stand-alone single, allowing it to stand on its own for listeners to feel its full emotion.

Its lyrics symbiotically weave together a passion for the music of the late Bill Withers with the sentiment of a true Dustbowl “feelings song.”

“The energy in this song is really who Dustbowl Revival is,” shared Z. Lupetin, the band’s vocalist and guitar player. “This song came from a place of wanting to pay homage to Bill Withers, one of my all-time favorite musicians. It was written before he passed and honors the fact that his music is the ‘friend’ that will never leave you and is always beside you.”

There’s a line in the song where the character that’s sung about is trying to convince a partner/friend to come home, coming from a place of seeing friends lose their partners to outside crises.

“As we grow older, and see friends continue going through growth pains, the music that you love is your forever companion,” said Lupetin.

“Beside You” is the first song released since “Queen Quarantine” and offers a true slow burn at a 5-minute runtime. The bands’ friends and significant others lent their vocals to a choir as the song wraps up, bringing deeper meaning to the intention behind the song. "Beside You" may be found here on all major streaming platforms.

Dustbowl Revival is composed of core members Z. Lupetin (lead vocals/guitar), Liz Beebe (lead vocals) Connor Vance (violin/guitar), Matt Rubin (trumpet/flugelhorn/keys), Ulf Bjorlin (trombones) and Josh Heffernan (drums/percussion).

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