Eddie Berman's 'Signal Fire' Illuminates the Folk-Rock Scene

Article Contributed by jbleicher.com | Published on Sunday, January 21, 2024

Today, the Portland-based songwriter Eddie Berman has released 'Signal Fire,' his latest studio album, available now on all major streaming platforms via Nettwerk. 'Signal Fire' represents a shift from the solitary creation of Berman's previous works to a dynamic, in-person recording process. Recorded at 64 Sound Recording Studio in Los Angeles during an uncharacteristic rainstorm, the album was completed in just three days. This rapid, intuitive approach brought a unique immediacy to the 13 tracks, each unfolding with a raw and authentic energy. Accompanied by Gabe Feenberg, Gabe Davis, and Chris Wabich, Berman's artistry in these sessions reflects a reunion not just with his band, but with the essence of live musical expression.
To celebrate the release, Eddie has shared a performance video of "Go From Here," one of the standout tracks from the album. This video showcases Eddie's heartfelt performance, underscoring the album's themes of personal growth, renewal, and the intricate tapestry of human experience. The track, like many in 'Signal Fire,' is a reflection of Eddie's journey, capturing the raw authenticity and emotional depth that are hallmarks of his music.

The narrative of 'Signal Fire' spans themes of love, loss, renewal, and the beauty and complexity of life. From the uplifting "Rolling Over Me" to the introspective "Heartbroken," the album traverses a spectrum of human emotions. Berman's storytelling, influenced by the likes of Nick Drake and Bob Dylan, maintains a personal touch while resonating with universal experiences.
Eddie Berman's evolution since his debut 'Blood & Rust' is evident in 'Signal Fire.' The album encapsulates a period of personal growth and creative exploration, showcasing his journey from remote collaborations to the vibrant synergy of live performance. It stands as a testimony to his dedication to authentic, emotionally resonant music.
In tracks like “First of Spring (Keira’s Song)” and “Mare Imbrium,” Berman delves into intimate aspects of his life, offering listeners a window into his world. The album's title track, symbolizing both an invitation and a warning, captures the duality of existence – the comfort of connection against the backdrop of life's uncertainties.
With 'Signal Fire,' Eddie Berman strengthens his presence in the contemporary folk-rock landscape. The album is a reflection of Berman's journey, and an invitation to experience the power of song and the enduring spirit of folk-rock.

‘Signal Fire’ by Eddie Berman
1. Rolling Over Me
2. Go From Here
3. Mare Imbrium
4. Mine All Mine
5. Back To You
6. Looking In
7. Heartbroken
8. First Of Spring (Keira’s Song)
9. Anymore
10. Fevered Skin
11. Awakening
12. Heavenly Sign
13. Strange Place