Eddie Berman

Today, the Portland-based songwriter Eddie Berman has released 'Signal Fire,' his latest studio album, available now on all major streaming platforms via Nettwerk. 'Signal Fire' represents a shift from the solitary creation of Berman's previous works to a dynamic, in-person recording process. Recorded at 64 Sound Recording Studio in Los Angeles during an uncharacteristic rainstorm, the album was completed in just three days.


Following the release of "Water In The Barrel," which was inspired by Zen philosophy and the 20th century professor Alan Watts, the Portland-based folk artist Eddie Berman is releasing “The Wheel,” another reflective single that deals with the destructive power of habit energy and the need to reconnect with our own humanity. The song is featured on 'Broken English,' Berman's 11-song suite of campfire-worthy, cosmic folk-rock, out January 31st via Nettwerk Records.


Portland-based folk artist Eddie Berman has just announced ‘Broken English,’ a new album of campfire-worthy, cosmic folk rock, out January 21st via Nettwerk Records. Presciently written before the pandemic, the 11-song suite explores the precarious state of a world sinking deeper into isolation, and its tumultuous effects on our relationship to work, family, technology, and community.

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