EGI is coming to Colorado!

Article Contributed by June Reedy | Published on Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Ethereal Groove, Inc. (EGI) is coming to Colorado! Thursday 6/14 in Denver, Friday 6/15 in Boulder and they saved the best for last: Saturday 6/16 at Mishawaka in Bellvue, CO.  

EGI hails from the Chicagoland area, incorporating the heavy bluesy funk that Chicago seeps from its veins.  If that appeals to you, then you will enjoy their latest album, Vessel.  They are known for their leading guitars where Noe & James rekindle Akroyd & Blushi as they take you for a ride in a stolen cop car.  The music has just that kind of adventurous feel to it.

Grateful Web recently caught their Summer Camp set:

We popped out at the Camping Stage where what we saw was groovy sounding.  The bass was thumping like brick after brick in a final tetris round.  It laid a foundation for my face to keep ticking away from awe to smile to awe to smile.  It was EGI."

EGI has been around for a while now, mixing up members and instruments.  This incarnation has found its deep pocket.  Now ascending the fundamental funk, the highlight had to be Big Handsome.  They ripped through their new song Thrive off their album Vessel and into a primus fueled, YEM like jam with two simple words for lyrics: Big Handsome.  Even saying those words rekindles the funk flame with fancy bass licks to adorn the simple words.  The best part is that the bass player wrote this song for his boxer pup, Gordon.  It’s now become the song for every beefcake pup I see. Big handsome!!”

Good things are coming from the big grooves of EGI.  Be sure to check them out at a festival or a club near you.  This sound will be pumping out pickled percussion like you have never experienced before. Giddy Up!