Mishawaka Amphitheatre

WOW, what a lineup of incredible musical talent the Mighty Mishawaka Amphitheatre presented Friday night at the Poudre Canyon venue. The amount of diversity and talent each musician brought to the stage was staggering on many levels. The uniqueness of this show was that all of the artists know one another and are friends and some of them collaborate together on musical projects. That alone presented a fun family communal vibe on site and magical moments on stage.

The name Melvin Seals is synonymous with the Jerry Garcia Band. Seals spent fifteen years playing keyboards with Jerry Garcia and helped define the sound of the JGB Band. Seals is a gifted player and his love of all music has presented him with many open doors in the music industry. From performing to producing and recording Seals has been on the scene for over three decades and shows no signs of slowing down.

The Mishawaka Amphitheatre is pleased to announce that it has been named an honoree of the 2023 CBCA Business Partnership Award. This prestigious award recognizes the Mishawaka's philanthropic arm, "the Mish initiative," which has partnered with the front range community and beyond to expand access to live music, catalyze the careers of Colorado musicians, and shape the policy to improve the music ecosystem.

Dead Floyd is an important part of today’s musical landscape. They are a one-of-a-kind band much like their predecessors the Grateful Dead and Pink Floyd. Dead Floyd recreates the music and magic of these two magnificent bands by combining them together in one wild musical adventure of historic, adventurous mind-bending joy. They present an explosive array of the what the Grateful Dead and Pink Floyd created by carefully and methodically putting them together in the same set.

Song Confessional, the mobile confession booth, recording studio and podcast that works with budding artists to turn recorded stories into songs, is excited to announce a new partnership with the renowned Mishawaka Amphitheatre ‘The Mish’ in Bellvue, Colorado. Song Confessional will now have a permanent booth installation at The Mish, its first permanent location in Colorado, where the inaugural Confesst!

The Infamous Stringdusters are Andy Hall (dobro), Andy Falco (guitar), Chris Pandolfi (banjo), Jeremy Garrett (fiddle) and Travis Book (bass). This extremely talented group of players and singers have been very busy touring major festivals releasing new music and making lots of people very happy in the process.

The Mish riverside venue and sister company Chipper's Lanes Entertainment venues (830 North in Fort Collins, 2454 West in Greeley, and 100 Nickel in Broomfield) and Fieldnotes Organic Vodka and Gin are proud to announce a new partnership bringing these 4 music venues and craft distillery, La Crosse Distilling Co. together to support musicians. Wisconsin-based La Crosse Distilling Co.

On December 6th, The Mishawaka and Chipper’s Lanes Entertainment Centers announce the launch of 100 Nickel, a new live music venue inside Chipper’s of Broomfield, with a slew of upcoming concerts featuring nationally touring musicians and local bands. Joining 830 North in Fort Collins and 2454 West in Greeley, 100 Nickel will host live music along with bowling, laser tag, arcade games, tasty eats and cold beverages.

The Disco Biscuits are celebrating twenty years since their first gig at the Mishawaka. They played their debut show on July 5th, 2001 and then again in 2002 and 2003 with two shows each year. The most recent show from the joy spreaders of improvisational jam was on September 18th, 2010, they were billed as Tractorbeam for that gig. The band, venue and fans are very excited about this 2021 three-night run at the magnificent Mishawaka.

Samantha Fish and her band performed their debut show at the majestic Mishawaka Amphitheatre last night. This Colorado gig has been highly anticipated by music fans for many months. Fish is a messenger of poetic truths that land on your soul. Lyrically gifted with the art of expression and armed with a no-hold-back attitude she is poised to get your attention.

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