Electric Kif release new single/video Dreamlike

Article Contributed by Melanie Masterson | Published on Saturday, June 26, 2021

Miami-based power quartet Electric Kif release 'Dreamlike'— a single/video from their upcoming LP  Dreamlike, due out August 2nd. The single by features renowned pianist Aaron Parks.

With its syncopated beat, deeply layered synthesizers, and epic form, Dreamlike offers a trippy, multi-dimensional listening experience. Bassist Rodrigo Zambrano and guitarist Eric Escanes kick the track off mixing synthesizers and effects, building up an extended, space-like intro. Drummer Armando Lopez enters full throttle, thundering away in an odd time signature, paving the way for keyboardist Jason Matthews’ otherworldly melody. Interspersing groove sections with airy interludes of synthesizer, the track culminates with Aaron Parks’ mind-bending keyboard solo, backed by the full force of the band.  

Dreamlike offers the journey of Electric Kif’s upcoming LP in microcosm. It captures the band members’ power to transport listeners, their wizardry with synthesizers*, and their unique creative process. “We all have a very fair share in what we play,” explains guitarist Eric Escanes, describing their songwriting. “We all listen to each other’s ideas, and then you’re adding, you’re taking away.” “It’s like sculpture,” adds keyboardist Jason Matthews, finishing Escanes’ thought. “Writing like that is the best, ‘cause you write with your ear and then you figure it out later. I think it’s more honest that way.”

The idea of inviting acclaimed jazz pianist Aaron Parks to solo on Dreamlike occurred organically as the band built the song. Parks had been scheduled to join them for a series of live shows in 2020, which quickly got shuttered once the pandemic set in. As the band recorded the song’s early iterations, it became clear Dreamlike was the perfect opportunity to revive the collaboration. “It really felt to all of us like, ‘this song is so Aaron Parks,’” says drummer Armando Lopez. “He’s the perfect person to take a solo on this.”