Article Contributed by Brat Girl Media | Published on Saturday, September 2, 2023

Celebrated Electro-Fi Records is thrilled to unveil a compelling masterpiece, "SoulFunkn’BLUES", by the illustrious Blackburn Brothers. This Canadian dynamo, already laden with accolades, is steeped in a rich musical lineage from their renowned father, R&B sensation Bobby Dean Blackburn, rooted further back to an inspiring family narrative tied to the Underground Railroad from the early 1800s.

Dive into the Blackburns' universe and be entranced by the album's dynamic soundscape. Imagine enthralling rhythms, intricate vocal and instrumental layers that seamlessly blend from rock-solid grooves to soaring flights of musical exuberance. Harmonic lead vocals either entwine, dialogue, or fuse with guitar melodies via vocorder, underscored by impeccable background harmonies and robust horns that synthesize magically with the keys and guitars. The lyrical journey? Messages filled with soul, exuding love, freedom, and inspiration.

As Brooke Blackburn aptly puts it: “Soul is the signature, Funk is the feel, and BLUES is the foundation.”

Diving into the album’s depth, Shakura S’Aida, the liner notes writer, says, “'SoulFunkn’BLUES' celebrates the pioneers, ancestors, and the forgotten tribes. They instilled in the Blackburn Brothers the essence of history, blues, rhythm, and life's heartbeat.”

Comprising Duane (lead vocals, organ, piano, vocorder), Brooke (guitar, bass, vocals), Cory (drums, percussion, vocals), Robert (guitar, vocals), and cousin Nathan (bass guitar), the Blackburn Brothers echo reminiscent sounds of iconic blues and soul groups, yet imprint their distinctive signature.

The Blackburn legacy boasts the Maple Blues Award for BEST NEW BAND in 2010 and a coveted JUNO nomination for BLUES ALBUM OF THE YEAR in 2016, among numerous other accolades.

Available globally from September 1, 2023, through Electro-Fi Records.

Praise for the Blackburn Brothers:

    "Very Funky, Very Charged and all Heart" – DAVID FRICKE, ROLLING STONE
    "Ferociously powerful blues and funk from a legendary lineage." – BIG CITY RHYTHM & BLUES
    "Authentic tunes brimming with history, unity, and love." – SHAKURA S'AIDA


    Bobby's Blues 4:41
    She's A Heartbreaker 3:55
    Let The Devil Play 4:06
    Soul Brother 4:15
    Won't You Let Me Go 3:39
    Sister Rosa 3:33
    Why Do I Do (What I Do) 4:09
    Be My Wife 3:31
    Freedom Train 4:05
    Little Sister 3:43
    I Don't Ever Want To Be Alone 4:31

Album Details:

    Producer & Mastering: Howard Ayee
    Recording, Mixing & Engineering: Cory Blackburn, Grey Roots Audio
    Additional Recordings: Brooke, Duane, Clay Semkiw - Blackburn
    Executive Production: Andrew Galloway
    Horn Arrangements: Neil Braithwaite & Ted Peters
    Cover Artistry: Linda Martinello
    Photography: Laura Carbone
    Visuals: Bruce Greenaway
    Distribution: ISOTOPE MUSIC
    Digital Availability: SONY/The Orchard