EOTO Release K-Turns & U-Turns

Article Contributed by Tsunami Publicity | Published on Monday, April 20, 2015

EOTO is just released their 7th annual live tour compilation K-Turns & U-Turns Vol. 7, Best of 2014 on May 1st, 2015. A musical celebration in electronic improvisation, the release features over 4 hours of uninterrupted party-ready material perfect for late-night dance parties and EDM showcases alike.
A live band on hi-tech hyperdrive, EOTO has forged new territory in the electronic dance music movement. Locked and loaded with computers, loopers, midi controllers, routers, software, mixers, and the latest in music technology, multi-instrumentalist Michael Travis and percussionist/vocalist, Jason Hann have sent a speeding bullet through the electronic dance community due to their innovative 100% improvised approach and as a result, their exclusive sound. The duo starts their musical adventure from scratch (there are no pre-recorded loops, no backing tracks, and no pre-constructed songs in their live production) building each set, note-by-note, beat by beat, live before the audience as each show explodes into a full-scale celebration into sound.


One of the most prolific live electronic acts in the country, EOTO has garnered multiple awards over the last 8 years including  “Best Live Dubstep” at the Dubstep Awards in 2012 as well as multiple awards for their cutting edge visual show, and most recently ranked in the “Top 50 bands to see live” by HypeMusicFestivals.com. Hann was also listed as the number 2 live EDM drummer by TheUntz.com just this year.
Truly a sight to see, an EOTO performance is a death defying act in improvisation, where nothing is pre-written and nothing is pre-recorded. Simply said, there is nothing else like EOTO on the touring circuit today.

Captured in 5.0 audio and re-mastered to sound like a live performance, EOTO has captured their finest live performances from 2014 tour in their annual live release, K-Turns & U-Turns Vol. 7, Best of 2014. A feat for any nationally touring act, the triple disc set features over 4 hours of continuous live music highlighting over 26 live improvised tracks recorded in 18 different cities. With the release of K-Turns & U-Turns Vol. 7 "Best of 2014"EOTO has the chance to re-tell the storyline of an entire year of improvisation including ambient dance tracks, space inspired soundscapes and the heavy artillery of bass explosions that EOTO is known for.
The project will hit the road this summer with a multitude of festival dates throughout the US. For more information about the new album, EOTO and their upcoming 2014 tour dates, visit their official website at www.eotomusic.com