EOTO Releases K-Turns & U-Turns Vol. 6: "Best of 2013"

Article Contributed by Tsunami Publicity | Published on Wednesday, April 2, 2014

In celebration of their 600th live show release, EOTO will soon release their 6th annual live music compilation, K-Turns & U-Turns Vol. 6, Best of 2013. A feat for any nationally touring act, the triple disc set features over 3 hours of continuous live music, highlighting over 40 live improvised tracks recorded along the 2013 tour.  An annual release for the touring unit, the 2013 triple disc set also includes the previously unreleased encore, Hafootnd III, recorded in Aspen, CO on December 6th of last year.

One of the most prolific live electronic acts in the country, EOTO has garnered multiple awards including “Best Live Dupstep Act” in 2012 along with numerous accolades for their unique audio and visual touring production. The brainchild of Michael Travis and Jason Hann, the project is renowned for their ‘spaceship’ of live instruments and mixing technology used to create rich textures and deep bass incorporated into their live set. Truly a sight to see, the entire EOTO performance is a death defying act in improvisation, where nothing is pre-written and nothing is pre-recorded. Simply said, there is nothing else like EOTO on the touring circuit today.
Now, captured in live format and available on K-Turns & U-Turns Vol. 6 "Best of 2013", EOTO has the chance to re-tell the storyline of an entire year of improvisation including ambient dance tracks, space inspired soundscapes and the heavy artillery of bass explosions that EOTO is known for.
The Album will be released for download on May 1st. In the meantime, fans can enter to win the EOTO album art design contest beginning April 1st and running through April 20th. To check out all of the tracks from the album CLICK HERE.

For more information about EOTO and their upcoming 2014 tour dates visit their official website at www.eotomusic.com


4/30/2014 Maison New Orleans LA
5/23/2014 Summer Camp Music Festival Chillicothe IL
5/24/2014 Summer Camp Music Festival Chillicothe IL
5/25/2014 Summer Camp Music Festival Chillicothe IL
6/8/2014 Mulberry Mountain Ozark AR
6/19/2014 Sonic Bloom South Park CO