Article Contributed by David Butterfield | Published on Saturday, October 3, 2020

Episode 5 ‘STRAIGHT FROM HOME’ of the Virtual Spirit of Woodstock Festival in Mirapuri, Italy Season 2020/2021 is vibrant creative blood from the courageous heart that overcomes all Corona fear. It’s the pounding heart of songs and music-movies that liberate from every lockdown frustration and are sung and performed by Michel Montecrossa for the worldwide audience to cheer up and be ready for an optimistic future starting with the New-Topical-Song ‘Daddy, Please Change The World For Me’ dedicated as a young girl’s song for the U.S.A. Presidential Election and going on with great experience songs like ‘The New Turn Of Things’, ‘At Times’, ‘Fog Growin’ Thick’ and the concluding anthem of hope ‘Glow In The Night: Hab Der Welt Noch Viel Zu Geben!’.

Michel Montecrossa says: “‘STRAIGHT FROM HOME’ is absolutely non-depressive music singing from my home-front stage to all humanity. ‘STRAIGHT FROM HOME’ is sharing the spirit of creativity with all, creating a new platform of culture for a future that can handle the effects of Corona by being stronger than Corona.

The Virtual Spirit of Woodstock Festival 2020 Episode 5 'Straight From Home' from Michel Montecrossa on Vimeo.

‘STRAIGHT FROM HOME’ is my 5th mini-concert coming directly to you from my home studio extending proudly and effectively into the whole wide world and many more will follow undeterred for years to come thus forming the Big Concerts.”