Erik Lunde Teases Upcoming Solo Album With “Long Time Overdue”

Article Contributed by PRESSED PR | Published on Wednesday, June 30, 2021

Colorado roots-rock-americana artist Erik Lunde is teasing his upcoming album Water From The Stone with the release of the lead single “Long Time Overdue” on July 16th. A song of many layers, “Long time Overdue” pays tribute to the Colorado “band of brothers” that helped Lunde create this album, speaks to the truth of the creative process behind Water From The Stone, and touches on the feeling of longing that many people experienced during the pandemic. “I'm really stoked to release “Long Time Overdue” as the lead single from my upcoming full-length album release Water From The Stone because finishing this album really was like trying to get water from a stone - and in my mind, it's a record release that is a long time overdue,” says Lunde. “Since the pandemic is ending, there are a lot of things that are a long time overdue, like family reunions, long-distance relationships, seeing your mother or father in a nursing home. I think this song - both the lyric and the keening, yearning almost desperate energy of the performance - really taps into that feeling we all feel now.”

The light-hearted, uptempo single brings a sense of hopefulness - something that Lunde has found in the local Fort Collins music community in what he dubs his “band of brothers”. Six local musicians - Jeff Finlin, Ryan Lennartson, Justin Roth, Eric Straumanis, Bob Montgomery, and Darren Radach - helped Lunde bring this album to life. “I couldn’t have made this song or this record without the generous contribution of time, talent, musicianship, money, and encouragement that these guys gave me,” says Lunde. Having been writing and performing all over North America since 1995, Lunde says it wasn’t until he moved to Fort Collins in 2009 that he found a community that could really push his creative boundaries and help bring to life the songs and music that he knew was within him all along. “Long Time Overdue” - along with the rest of Water From The Stone - is a testament to the power of the Fort Collins Music Community that helped create this record and gave Lunde a place to finally plant his roots.

Lunde’s upcoming album, Water From The Stone, is itself a long time overdue as it took six years and six studios to reach completion. As a passionate and compelling performer that connects with his audience, Lunde set out to translate that infectious energy and rock and roll spirit of his live performance into a record. His collection of “post-modern folk-rock spirituals” draws upon deeply reflective songwriting and Americana soundscapes to create a sound that is truly his own. Northern Colorado’s SCENE Magazine has described Lunde’s songwriting as “lyrics that are haunting and memorable poetry, [...] skipping from dark and minor chord tones that are reminiscent of lonesome backroads and bleak, understated realism.” After hearing the title track “Water From The Stone” SCENE Magazine remarked, “If they could get ten more like “Water From Stone,” they would have an incredible album.” Lunde is eager to let fans hear the full collection of songs this September.