Americana Group Lake & Lyndale Spark Their Gypsy Soul with “Long Way Home”

Article Contributed by PRESSED PR | Published on Tuesday, June 21, 2022

With clever lyricism and instrumentation new to country group Lake & Lyndale, their newest single “Long Way Home” is a fitting representation of the band’s lighthearted spirit and artistic prowess. Out July 1, this folksy, vibrant song embraces the idea of putting the journey over the destination. The song, the group explains, “was a reflection on the roundabout way it sometimes takes to get from point A to point B.” Adding, “for us personally it was an artist’s lament.” In a positive twist, the group demonstrates the importance of persistence and the beauty of keeping a dream alive. Consisting of Channing Marie (vocals), Jonathan Krentz (guitar), Eric Clifford (bass) and Tyler Kloewer (drums), Lake & Lyndale strike a captivating balance between fun and inherently relatable on “Long Way Home.” In the chorus, Marie sings “Come on wheels, spin me around that vinyl. This gypsy needs revival in her soul. I may go down as a lost prodigal daughter, can’t help my heart wandering. I’m just taking the long way home.”

With an air of free spiritedness, the track feels approachable and like a candid reflection of the band’s true experience as artists. “In the initial writing session, we discussed the common theme of trying to progress,” they explain. “It often takes a lot longer to reach the destination than originally planned.” Despite the patience and persistence it takes to achieve a dream, Lake & Lyndale are sure to have fun along the way. With a music video as uniquely quirky and charming as the band, “Long Way Home” buckles down on the idea of “enjoying the ride.” In the video, the group is seen enjoying a day in the park, taking a convertible through the mountains, playing cowboy, rocking out as old folk and even include a reference to the classic “That 70s Show.” Seeing the group visually display the winding and ever changing sojourn of life as a “gypsy soul” is a sincere reminder to listeners that everything is a process, and it’s okay to relish in that time of waiting. “I think we all have moments where we question our paths,” says Marie. “Instead, we should be embracing the journey and remembering that good things take time.”


A decade of friendship, hundreds of live gigs, and thousands of miles on the road are part of what make this Nashville based band special. With Lake & Lyndale you can expect vibrant energy, a unique chemistry and a genuine sincerity at every show. whether it’s a live broadcast at Nashville’s famed 3rd & Lindsley or a casual singalong for their YouTube series Covers in the Kitchen. Vocalist Channing Marie, guitarist Jon Krentz, drummer Tyler Kloewer, and bassist Eric Clifford are known for dynamic live shows that reflect their dedication to songwriting and musicianship. Named after cross streets in Minneapolis where they met, Lake & Lyndale’s sound blends satisfying twang with genuine warmth: part roots-rock, part country-soul. Their sound is a culmination of diverse influences (Brandi Carlile, Kacey Musgraves, Dawes, Chris Stapleton) and musical backgrounds, their goal as songwriters is consistent: “We’re just trying to make an honest connection with people,” says Marie. With singles in heavy rotation on Nashville’s 89.5 Roots Radio and around the country, they’re often compared to female-fronted, genre-defying acts like Fleetwood Mac. Marie’s quick vibrato and emotive presence conjures Stevie Nicks, but with a breadth and power that evokes iconic country artists Carrie Underwood and Miranda Lambert. In 2018 Lake & Lyndale released their debut EP Habits, produced by Jon Estes. In July 2019 they dropped “There’s a Weight” single along with a video featured in NPR’s Slingshot Emerging Artist Spotlight. In June 2020, they released “Still Here". You can find their latest release, an acoustic EP called “In the Nude Vol.1” on all streaming platforms. They are currently working on new music to be released in 2022.