The Trouble Notes Celebrate Fusing Cultures in New Song “Mayahuel” for Dia de Los Muertos

Article Contributed by PRESSED PR | Published on Saturday, October 29, 2022

Having traveled the globe with their music, The Trouble Notes are bringing stories of immigration and cultural identity to the stage - starting with their newest single “Mayahuel”. “Mayahuel” is an instrumental composition that romanticizes and tells the story of their friend Martha Xucunostli. A powerful female character, she traveled across an ocean from her native Mexico to Belgium for love and had to navigate the balance between her native traditions and those of her new European home. Drawing strength from Mayahuel, the Aztecan goddess of Agave, fertility, and maternity she seeks to contribute to the local culture by fusing traditions. “Accepting  who I  am by understanding and exploring my cultural syncretism,  makes me able to see and embrace the beauty of my diversity, strongly supporting my present life and owning who I am,” says Martha Xuconostli.

“Mayahuel” is an homage to paying tribute to your old and new cultural identity. It's about fusing ingredients to create something new,” says  Stefanie Tendler (Band Photographer). This strength and cultural fusion are heard through the Latin jazz soundscape showcased in the track with jazzy violin melodic lines, Latin-based guitar rhythms, and driving percussion that maintains the unique voice and texture that has defined the sound of The Trouble Notes for the past decade. “Lately it feels that to many people, immigration has a negative connotation. The story told by “Mayahuel” is an attempt to break that mold,” says Bennet Cerven, Violinist for The Trouble Notes. “The character behind the song is the archetypal immigrant’s story, finding a way to integrate herself into her new home without losing her own traditions. It’s a romantic tale of immigration that more people need to hear!”

In finding influence for the song, the band sought to pay homage to one of their largest musical influences, Grammy-winning Mexican guitar duo Rodrigo y Gabriela, who were the inspiration for Bennet (violinist) to gain the courage to play in the streets of New York City, and thus launched the upward trajectory of The Trouble Notes.

The release of “Mayahuel” coincides with the celebration of Dia de Los Muertos and will be accompanied by two music videos - one a collaboration between Beer brand Mayahuel and the band, and the second a live performance of the song filmed by Centre Films in Radebuel, Germany.