Euforquestra @ The Wow Hall | Eugene, OR | Review

Article Contributed by sagezy21 | Published on Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The crowd gathers in front of the Wow Hall, a towering white brick building both foreboding, and enticing as it waits to swallow its next victims of pleasure. Inside, the stage stands wait, the instruments poised for the return of their faithful muses.  The door to the Wow Hall opens, and eager fans begin to disperse into the quite building. Lining the walls, various artwork stares soullessly into the eyes of all who enter. With the silence, it almost seems as if they are studying their prospects. Who will be the first victim?

At about nine pm, a couple of muses return to their faithful steeds. Above the stage, a rainbow of lights cloaks their silhouettes with brilliant reds, blues, yellows, and greens.  Souls of various sizes begin to flock to the reflecting dance floor, hypnotically taking place here and there. Eyes poised on the ready stage of muses, and eager to be seduced by the serenade of Euforquestra’s style. Seven muses filled the stage, poising themselves next to their musical steeds. Two saxophones sat center stage, their contours shone under the stage lights, sparkling as their masters; Austin Zalatel and Ryan Jeter strapped on their steeds and began to play. On the left, where a lonely guitar once sat, now stood Mike Tallman, accenting the two sax’s cuban beats. On the right, where a pair of congas once sat as if waiting for time, now was accompanied by Matt Grundstad, who added a twist of reggae beats and reggae vocals. Behind the saxophones sat Adam Grosso, sticks poised to create the steady rhythm, the foundation, of the music The time has come!”

All together, the muses totaled seven. Their cheerful smiles sent an invitation to the crowd to comfortably gather and be merry. teased the crowd’s restless feet with soothing rifts from his Guitar, and Mandolin. He attributed vocals that welcomed the crowds’ feet, and people of all sorts began to dance. hypnotized the crowd through his Alto Sax, teasing those who tried to sit still with beats that vibrated the walls and floors. His vocals, along with, who Tenor Sax, kept the hypnotized crowd  Vocals,; Drums,; Percussion, Vocals, Matt Wright; Keys, Ben Soltau; Bass. Together, their instruments teased the souls on the dance room floor, sending pulses of vibrations through their feet, toes and head. The once silent stage now bellowed afro Cuban funk, with a tinge of reggae.