EVANOFF Reveals Lead Single to Forthcoming Debut LP “STARE MESTO

Article Contributed by gratefulweb | Published on Wednesday, November 17, 2021

Gearing up towards their long-awaited debut LP, rock-electronic fusion trio Evanoff gives fans a taste of what is yet to come with their prog-rock inspired lead single. “STARE MESTO” is out November 18th as a self release.

Stare Mesto” poses the question on which the concept album is based upon… “In our current age, It's hard to not ask ourselves, what is a deeply important question… Is technology inherently part of who we are, or is it fundamentally unnatural…

A massive departure from traditional jam band music, or the jamtronica they have put out in the past, Evanoff’s new single keeps you on your toes and begging for more.

Beginning as a euphorically melodic progressive rock anthem, before you know it, Evanoff seamlessly blends in their computer-infused electro-rock signature, crescendoing into a massive wall of sound that will leave you breathless by end of the four minute composition.

Soaring lead guitars, massive drums, and intelligent sound design fuse together to provide an emotional listening experience that you wouldn’t be surprised to hear in the largest of stadium rock shows. The intent is clear with Evanoff, and their style is distinctly their own... in a space overcrowded by soundalikes.

Evanoff is a Colorado-based trio, has toured the jam circuit hard the last few years, developing a strong cult following amongst those who are savvy enough to know. Fans who caught them on their most recent sold-out Fall tour, have gotten a small taste of what this upcoming album has to offer.

The band’s mission is to provide euphoric and uplifting experiences through music, break down cultural boundaries, and help the world to better understand humanity, by creating a community of like-minded individuals. This album is an integral part of that mission.

Evanoff’s debut full-length concept album is due to be released on January 12th, 2022.

Prepare yourself...