Expert Lovers Release Their Latest Single "Blossom"

Article Contributed by Shmohawk | Published on Friday, October 29, 2021

Expert Lovers is an alternative rock group putting the pop formula through electroshock therapy. The Los Angeles-based outfit puts the sweat of its live shows into its recordings, culminating in the latest single, “Blossom.” A heavy, pummeling track with bright vocal hooks and head-bobbing guitar lines, “Blossom” captures the euphoria of letting your innermost desires out into the light. 

The band is quickly building a digital audience, with over 70,000 streams on Spotify since summer 2020 and consistent coverage in indie outlets. This momentum was led by Expert Lovers’ first single, "400 Horses," a confident rocker combining danceable grooves and simmering guitar riffs. The group is ready to step into the spotlight with a string of singles, two EPs, ample press, a new music video, and a little magic under its belt.

Lead singer/guitarist Evan Bakker, who also runs a popular TikTok account (1+ million views per week) about astrology called Inner Worlds Astrology, incorporates cosmic themes into his songwriting. The band released two EPs–27 Capricorn and 19 Pisces–in March 2021, which cemented its status as a versatile group that could mix and match unsuspecting genres all while exploring the symbolism behind the constellations and planets. EP 19 Pisces includes the song “Inner Worlds,” which is used as the theme song on Inner Worlds Astrology’s TikTok videos, amassing millions of views. 

New single “Blossom” includes the band’s first professionally produced music video, which explores mystical themes as well as the bubbling emotions of a new romance. The song draws inspiration from bands such as The Smashing Pumpkins, The Cure, School of Seven Bells, Deftones, and The 1975.