The First Annual Cloak & Dagger Music Festival

Article Contributed by Tsunami Publicity | Published on Wednesday, September 10, 2014

The First Annual Cloak & Dagger Music Festival slated to take over dual venues in Denver, CO on September 20th invokes intrigue and mystery. Uniquely inspired by the vision of a truly underground festival that doesn't rely on mainstream headliners, Cloak & Dagger is designed to highlight the artistic side of soundscape blending. The first annual festival boasts of such heavy-hitters as Cashmere Cat, Holy Ghost!, Justin Martin, Midland, Thomas Jack, Gigamesh and more. Brought to you by The Hundred, Souls In ActionAwesome Factory, and Euphonic Conceptions, Cloak & Dagger will lift the veil on the best sounds the electronic music industry has to offer.

In addition to these industry heavy-hitters, Cloak & Dagger will feature such Denver sound manipulators as Need & Necessity, Marcelo Moxy, BLVCK Jordan and more. C&D is a prime example of what happens when curators known for producing highly attended events, compile a list of favorites and design a festival ripe with frivolity.  With sets from Midland, Moon Boots, Sango and more, partygoers will experience mind-blowing sound tricks that will keep the dance floor buzzing mightily all night.

Hosted at SOCO Nightlife’s prestigious City Hall Amphitheater and spilling over to Club Vinyl, the night will be ideal for esoteric creativity and artful partying. The setting will be dark and secretive, allowing concert goers to enjoy a shadowy evening of deep bass, heavy drums and unchartered imaginative live production territory.

"This festival is based off the future of electronic music, not what's already been rinsed and repeated"

The brainchild of The Hundred’s Brennen Bryarly, Cloak & Dagger is not just a festival with big names and no passion, but for those who set the trends in music. The roster is brimming with diversity and dynamism, proving at the epicenter of innovation lives good music. Imagine Sango’s wall-pounding bass-driven beats coupled in the same venue as Cashmere Cat’s down-beat, dance-heavy sounds. The result is unaltered passion for the rhythm. Though The Hundred, Awesome Factory, Souls In Action and Euphonic Conceptions have collaborated in the past, the Cloak & Dagger Music Festival is gearing up to be the best, most sustainable alliance yet.