First Purple Light: Jefferson Berry & the UAC Release Groundbreaking All A.I. Folk Music Video

Article Contributed by Ron Kadish PR | Published on Wednesday, April 17, 2024

Jefferson Berry & the UAC proudly announce the release of "First Purple Light," the first-ever all A.I. folk music video. Inspired by the haunting melodies of the song and the urgent need to address domestic violence, this innovative project pushes artistic boundaries while shedding light on a pressing social issue.

"First Purple Light" is a poignant track featured on the 2023 album "Prairie Fire" by Jefferson Berry & the UAC, marking their third album release in four years. Building on the success of their previous collaborations, including the award-winning "We'll Soon Be Together," this latest venture delves into the dark reality of domestic violence plaguing communities worldwide.

Crafted in collaboration with Provoke Film’s Ciro Ayala, the video project stands as a testament to the power of art in driving social change. Through a carefully scripted A.I. storyboard overseen by Jefferson Berry himself, and the lyrical depth of the song, Art Director Ciro Ayala employed six distinct A.I. programs to bring the vision to life. The result is a visually arresting narrative that confronts the scourge of domestic violence head-on.

While the video's beauty is undeniable, its content may be disturbing or triggering for some viewers due to its portrayal of domestic violence themes. As such, viewer discretion is advised.

The band's performance for the video was expertly captured by Joe Schufreider, who managed the camera and lighting at Lafayette Hills Studios just outside Philadelphia. Through seamless collaboration and technical prowess, the team has created a piece of art that resonates on both emotional and intellectual levels.

Moreover, "First Purple Light" serves a greater purpose beyond its artistic merit. In alignment with the project's mission to raise awareness about domestic violence, a portion of the proceeds will support the Domestic Violence Hotline, providing vital resources and support to those affected by abuse.

Jefferson Berry & the UAC invite music enthusiasts and advocates alike to experience "First Purple Light" and join the conversation on combating domestic violence. The video is now available for viewing here, offering a glimpse into the intersection of music, technology, and social activism.

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