Float Like a Buffalo Explores Themes of Light and Darkness in 2 Newly Released Music Videos Produced by Digital Myle

Article Contributed by gratefulweb | Published on Friday, July 22, 2022

On Friday, July 8, 2022, the funk-ska-reggae-jam-rock septet, Float Like a Buffalo, released 2 new music videos for the songs FKA and Vertigo off of their 2020 EP of the same name exclusively to a packed house at Herman’s Hideaway in Denver. Since then, they have premiered the videos on their YouTube page with Vertigo most recently debuting on July 22, 2022. These new music videos are attached to songs that were born during Covid-19 quarantine in 2020, and the pair of videos, produced and directed by Digital Myle, serve as an exploration of both the light and dark aspects of the fallout of the Covid-19 Pandemic.

Over Halloween Weekend 2020, Float Like a Buffalo hosted two sold-out, socially-distanced shows at The Soiled Dove Underground in Denver for the release of their Vertigo EP, a 3-song EP written, recorded, and released entirely within the confines of the Pandemic. Mid-set, the email came through that the band had won the annual music video giveaway from Denver film production company Digital Myle. Then and there, it was decided that it would only be proper if the video was for one of the songs that that October night was in celebration of.

As Float Like a Buffalo began to explore their visions for the potential video, the idea emerged to create a 2-video package that could be seen as a whole, contrasting themes of dark, moody, rough heaviness with those of lightness, air and whimsy.

Regarding the video for FKA, Float Like a Buffalo took over Antero Hall/Eck's Saloon in Lakewood, left the bare stage as an austere set and donned dark clothing while they played - though the video is still full of the band’s signature joyous and playful lyrics. Individual instrumental highlights reference the isolation of quarantine, while members strove to continue to individually contribute to the collective.

In contrast, the video for Vertigo is a celebration of light, fresh air, friendship and adventure in a post-quarantine world. Filmed at an abandoned cabin belonging to one of the band members’ families, the video features a good natured barbecue-turned-treasure-hunt, where in the end, the treasure is what the viewer wants it to be as they look toward a brighter future full of possibility.

“Through thick and thin, good times and bad, we have had our friendship and our mutual commitment to the band,” said Jason Clukies, Bassist, “We see each other as family - as brothers - and wanted the music videos to reflect that love and companionship in the dark times and in the light.”

You can view the music videos for FKA and Vertigo on Float Like a Buffalo’s YouTube page. Catch the band live in Montana from July 28-31, at Four Corners Jam Festival in Aztec, NM on Friday, August 5, at Shine Music Festival in Denver, CO on Aug. 27, and at Lincoln Calling Music Festival in Lincoln, NE on Sept. 24.