FREE Download of "Prohibition Rose" by Ashleigh Flynn

Article Contributed by Dreamspider Pu… | Published on Thursday, May 2, 2013

Portland, Oregon-based Ashleigh Flynn celebrates her latest CD, A Million Stars. Set for national release on May 14, 2013, Flynn’s fourth studio effort on her own Home Perm Records, is produced by Chris Funk, her longtime friend and musical collaborator, best-known as the Decemberists’ multi-instrumentalist. The record features Todd Snider and many of Portland’s most talented musicians including, Chris Funk, Jenny Conlee-Drizos, Nate Query, John Moen, Annalisa Tornfelt, and the Stolen Sweets singers, among others.Click For a Free Download of “Prohibition Rose”“This song is about Portland’s own most infamous bootlegger during prohibition, who happened to be a woman… known also for opium distribution, and shanghaiing unsuspecting patrons.” --Ashleigh Flynn“Prohibition Rose” Lyrics:Prohibition Rose,, knows what she knows,From her hips to her toes - beneath her petticoat!All day and into night, sailors while their time awayIn her opium dens spending all their paySwilling her booze as they wait… From Old Town to Old Shanghai,the boys wake up under another sky!They know how and they can’t ask whyWhen they wake from sleep in their bare feetShackled on a ship to the Far East. Stumptown’s fairest queen, aDenizen of the underground scene.Rosie’s got the guile to get you a little high.But not drop of hooch aroundWhen the cops bust in like a pack of hounds.Just Rosie readin’ from her bible –With all the Whiskey stashed underneath her skirt… From Old Town to Old Shanghai…