Fritz Hutchison Jams Out With Puppets In New Video

Article Contributed by VCTORY Media | Published on Friday, May 15, 2020

Kansas-City born and bred, multi-instrumentalist and recording artist Fritz Hutchison shares a new video for “Fortunate Flaws”, that Earmilk described as “a folk-rock anthem about the tricks of time and coping with nostalgia.” The release of this visual comes off the heels of his successful debut album Wide Wild Acres (3/27), through Center Cut Records. The record has caught attention from American Songwriter, Earmilk, Shazam, and more.

The video features Fritz, one of his three pet chickens, Flamingo, and a band of puppets, courtesy of Nan Watson. He performs “Fortunate Flaws” ("warm guitar riffs and rich 70s rock melodies" - Earmilk) on a couch in his backyard with the help of Skippy on drums, Macy on guitar and Wyrm The Dragon on harmonica. Fritz on filming “Fortunate Flaws”: “After the Covid-19 outbreak quickly and drastically limited our available resources, locations, and teammates, we were forced to scrap what turned out to be a way too ambitious of a plotline and pare things down to what you see before you. My siblings and partner stepped up to fill in as puppeteers and brought all the personality and humor you could hope for to life as Skippy, Wyrm, and Macy rise from the netherworld beneath a mysterious woodland couch to join me for some sensitive rock and roll and life lessons. Also, there's a live chicken. I dare you not to smile!”

Wide Wild Acres, produced by Fritz and Joel Nanos (Mumford and Sons, Yungblud), was inspired by the sound of the early 70s, and blends indie-pop, Americana, and rock and roll into a home-spun fantasy of Midwestern life. Traditional song structures are broken down more than once, yet the songs seem familiar even at first listen. In addition to playing almost all of the instruments on the album (with some excellent supporting musicians sprinkled in), Fritz delivers his original lyrics with a voice that fits each song as its own instrument.