Future Rock | 'Long Ago' | Review

Article Contributed by Shenae Armstrong | Published on Tuesday, May 17, 2016

If you are into The Chemical Brothers and Daft Punk and haven't checked out Future Rock, it’s a must you do. Coming out of Chicago Future Rock has been creating music since 2004. Their breakout year was 2006 when they performed at some of the largest music festivals in the U.S.. Future Rock has a unique way of creating their music. They use live instrumentation with electronics and blend it together that makes some great beats that have you finding your way to the dance floor.

Future Rock is made up of Darren Heitz (drums), Mickey Kellerman (keys) and Felix Moreno (bass). Don’t let this three man band fool you; not only do they work well together but they are known to put on same great live concerts.

Future Rock has released their fifth full length album Long Ago. On this album they brought in DJ/ Singer/ Producer Tibaut Bowman and Singer/Songwriter Anna Soltys.

The first song on the album is ‘Take It Back’. It opens up with some smooth vocals that blends in when the beat drops. This track is great at building the beat up and then slowing it down and getting that futuristic sound.

Track two ‘Long Ago’ is definitely one to have in your rotation. The opening lyrics will have you feeling like your standing on the street corner listening to some amazing acapella. Just like track one the vocals and the beat go perfectly hand in hand.

Tracks three and five (Pathfinder and Clouds) show how well the band puts their creative talents to work. Mickey Kellerman has done a great job writing these songs and seeing his vision through all the way.

Track six ‘On My Own’ is another song that will have you heading to the dance floor.

Tracks four and seven (Go With It and A Better Way) are ones to check out if you’re into house beats. The hooks on these songs are placed perfect over the beat.

Future Rock is definitely on to something with how they blend electronic dance music with rock. Mickey Kellerman explains it perfectly. “With this album, there is a juxtaposition between tunes, over band name, Future Rock, and our album name, Long Ago. It symbolizes that we’re still thinking progressively with synths and electronic elements, but we’re also looking back and delving into the art of songwriting.” Some of the stand out tracks on Long Ago are Long Ago, Go With It, and A better Way.

Like I said in the beginning Long Ago is an album you definitely want to check out. You can go to FutureRock.net to download the Long Ago album for free or to streaming sites like iTunes and Spotify. The album was released on April 15, 2016. Future Rock  is also touring this summer. Check out their schedule on their website and go catch an amazing show.