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Article Contributed by Brotherly Love… | Published on Monday, May 2, 2016

Throughout its career, the electronic rock band Future Rock has pioneered and perfected a synthesis of fist-pumping rock with sleek dance club grooves for an infectious aesthetic that has garnered favorable comparisons to Daft Punk, DFA, and The Chemical Brothers. For the group’s latest, Long Ago (1320 Records)—its fifth full length album—the Chicago-based trio distinguishes itself from its colleagues with an album that puts as much of a premium on masterful songcraft and melodies as it does undeniable grooves.

“We’ve always pushed the boundaries between rock and dance music,” says keyboardist Mickey Kellerman. “With this album, there is a juxtaposition between tenses, our band name, Future Rock, and our album name, Long Ago. It symbolizes that we’re still thinking progressively with synths and electronic elements, but we’re also looking back and delving into the art of songwriting.”

Long Ago is a breakthrough album for Future Rock due to a myriad of circumstances. They enlisted DJ/singer/producer Tibaut Bowman (who fronts Auto Body with Felix and creates futuristic house as Thibault) as their producer, and welcomed him into the creative process, taking to heart his insights and criticisms to ensure the band reached its highest level of songcraft. Future Rock allowed itself the luxury of recording in a professional studio to enable the band to nab rich and dynamic organic tones, giving their sonics a depth not previously heard on a Future Rock album. Lastly, the trio collaborated on four tracks with gifted singer-songwriter Anna Soltys, who provides the songs with melodic gems.

Standouts on the seven-track album include “Long Ago,” “Go With It,” and “A Better Way.” The title track is a breathtaking mid-tempo song with mellifluous female vocals and electronic pocket musicianship pared down to its dreamy essence. The band showcases its chops-y roots winding through the tricky meter shifts and thematic twists on the progressive house track “Go With It.” The album concludes with “A Better Way,” a composition that rises to a sizzle with well-paced dynamics, dizzying hooks, and disciplined groove playing.

Future Rock is keyboardist Mickey Kellerman, bassist Felix Moreno bass, and drummer Darren Heitz. The group formed in 2004, and since then has worked tirelessly to fuse innovations in electronic dance music with the power and majesty of rock. Today, Future Rock is considered both pioneers and purveyors of cutting edge dance rock. The trio is as skilled with loops, samples, and music technology as it is adept at playing classic funk and chops-oriented rock. Live, the band has merged stadium rock n’ roll excitement with hip nightclub theatrics to curate a live experience that stimulates all the senses, including the prurient ones.

Long Ago will be available for free on FutureRock.net and 1320 Records as well as music download and streaming sites including iTunes and Spotify on April 15, 2016.

Long Ago Track List
1. Take It Back
2. Long Ago
3. Pathfinder
4. Go With It
5. Clouds
6. On My Own
7. A Better Way

Upcoming Tour Dates
4/20 | Canal Club • Richmond, VA
4/21 | Rock & Roll Hotel • Washington DC
4/22 | The Middle East Downstairs • Boston, MA
4/23 | Brooklyn Bowl • New York, NY
5/27- 29 | Summer Camp Music Festival • Chillicothe, IL
6/23-26 | Electric Forest Festival • Rothbury, MI
7/14-16 | Camp Bisco • Scranton, PA