GAS Feed & Seed Festival Brings 30+ Artists to the Village of East Davenport

Article Contributed by Lauren Crew | Published on Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Moeller Nights is gearing up to host the second semi-annual GAS Feed & Seed Festival this weekend! The Village of East Davenport will welcome over 30 nationally touring artists for the 4-day festival. Performances will take place at Baked Beer & Bread Co. and the Village Theatre, with V.I.P. performances at Triple Crown Whiskey Bar & Raccoon Motel.

The festival kicks off Thursday night with a family style dinner served for both artist and festival attendees. Although this isn’t the norm for most festivals, Moeller Nights isn’t aiming to create another run of the mill experience. Nationally touring artists LOLO, Sarah Jaffe, Cory Chisel, Okey Dokey, Izaak Opatz and many more will spend the majority of the festival weekend mingling amongst the crowd. Close-knit festivals, like GAS, give artists an opportunity to connect both with their audience and one another.

“This festival aims to be my mini version of a SXSW offering, where the fun of it is discovery and seeing artists you’ve never seen or heard of before and then watching as certain artists break out from the pack,” Moeller Nights’ Sean Moeller said. “It’s so much fun to stumble onto surprises and little gems that you would never have sought out on your own. It’s my favorite thing and these are some of my favorite young bands.”

In an effort to get festival goers ready for the jam-packed weekend, Moeller Nights has released a day-by-day schedule along with both a Youtube and Spotify playlist. Under the artist's listings on the Moeller Nights site, are hand-crafted RIYLs (recommended if you like) for those who like to know what they’re diving into.

Moeller Nights hosted the first GAS Feed & Seed festival earlier this year in February. The goal of GAS Feed & Seed is to have unique festivals that serve as bookends to the calendar year, giving patrons a reason to get up, get out and fall in love (or like) with new artists during the cold weather months.

The full GAS Feed & Seed line-up and a variety of ticket options are available at Follow Moeller Nights on Facebook and Instagram for more information and upcoming shows.