Geiger von Müller releases new single, "Space Digger #1"

Article Contributed by gratefulweb | Published on Monday, April 11, 2022

Geiger von Müller has a new retro sci fi music vid on offer! The London-based axman has been earning a name pioneering a bottleneck vs sci-fi audiovisual blend. His recent single 'Space Digger #1' comes with a spectacular 1970's-80's Lego Classic Space animation video, bowing before the golden years of the legendary toymakers. Classic Space was all about creativity, science and exploration. War and conflict have not been part of it, such was the good luck of a generation of kids.

'Space Digger #1' is the first single off the upcoming 2022 album Slide Sonatas I. The tune is a mid-tempo instrumental hit, combining the slide theme with unexpected guitar harmonics: von Muller's trademark sound, pretty much. Hunt no further for proof that one guitar can create such a rich sonic fabric. The somewhat punctuated recurring chorus theme is a cool parallel for the angular, repetitive look of Lego bricks. The trippiest bit in the video comes when the middle section gets musically reduced to a sparse dispersal of harmonics, while a satellite spins around calmly in space. Surreal-psychedelic feel maxed out.

von Muller's earlier sci fi / protest animation videos include Toys In Ghettos (Part 1) and the Blue Moon Frequency trilogy.