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“End in Tears” is the guttural and gritty first single from the independent debut album, Generations. Slated for a 2023 release, Generations is written and recorded by Nashville-based newcomer, Nightless Days – the collaborative brainchild led by Dublin-native, Seamus Ross. One of three songs recorded over the span of just three days at the historic EastWest Studios in Los Angeles, “End in Tears” conjures themes of admiration and envy while elevating the project’s darker tones through authentic and honest lyrics. The single, initially inspired by the lives and fractious working relationship between Paul McCartney and George Harrison, draws parallels to challenges the band has personally faced in their own work and relationships. 

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“When we encounter tension in relationships it causes us to either fight or surrender. It spurs growth and keeps us moving,” said Ross. “I resonated with these hardships when exploring the narrative between McCartney and Harrison, and I wanted to share this facet of connection in our first single.” There’s no shortage of tension and conflict in relationships but working through challenges together is a rewarding and uniquely human experience. Although McCartney and Harrison may have clashed over their respective passion projects, together they penned two of the most-covered Beatles songs of all time, according to Rolling Stone – McCartney's "Yesterday" and Harrison's "Something."

“End in Tears” is just the beginning for Nightless Days as their upcoming project took nine  years and a global pandemic to finally emerge. Originally, an intensely cathartic culmination of letters and poems written for his wife during her near-fatal cancer diagnosis, treatment and recovery, Ross with the help of co-writer, Aiden Reynolds, had  planned to record the audible diary in the beginning of 2020 without intention of releasing  to the masses. But after the pandemic’s blight had caused an unprecedented, multi-year halt on the project, Ross had found a renewed sense of urgency and purpose for the  collection in March 2022 – thus leading to the conception of Generations and his musical  alter-ego, Nightless Days.

Engineered and mixed by Park Lane Production’s Matt Anthony (James Bay, Alessia Cara, Portugal The Man, etc.) and the Grammy Award-winning Brandon Bell (Paul  McCartney, The Highwomen, Zac Brown Band, etc.), Generations sews together one  crucial theme – our innate need for human connection. “When the opportunity of recording  my music was taken away from me, it inadvertently gave me the ability to reset and  assess my intentions with this collection,” Ross shared. “I felt as though my life had reverted back to the emotional state I experienced when my wife was diagnosed and I longed for that connection with her which I lost due to the severity and treatment of her  illness. I needed to write those letters for her and for myself. Similarly, I felt like I needed to get my music out there, and in a public way because I was starved for that connection  with people that had been so suddenly taken away from me.”

While the music is inspired in part by the challenges that life throws at you, Generations  ultimately focuses on the greater gift of our trials and tribulations. Whether it's writing  music or processing life's hardships, there is immense light in sharing our stories with  others and spreading that joy to the people that have helped us along the way.

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