Article Contributed by Greg Knight | Published on Saturday, December 9, 2023

Celebrated Connecticut rock quintet Goose ignited the first of two shows, marking a milestone with a sold-out weekend at the iconic Hampton Coliseum. Commemorating their tenth annual holiday spectacle, Goosemas, the band propelled into a cosmic improvisational journey, navigating the packed crowd across the musical cosmos to unexplored celestial bodies. Illuminated by an elaborate lighting display, the 'mothership' traversed the vast expanse of the band’s eclectic repertoire, unveiling a constellation of never-before-performed covers.

Photo: Abby Fox

Continuing the Goosemas in Space theme from last week's surprise announcement video, a transmission from the band's 'spaceship' heralded the musicians onto the stage. They then rocketed into a fearless first set with the funky, extraterrestrial-inspired track “Earthling or Alien.” The iconic “All I Need” ensued, starting with a tranquil, melodic rendition and swiftly accelerating into the 'fast' version post the first chorus.

A premiere cover of Justin Timberlake's “Mirrors” followed, subtly echoing the first set's theme as luminous lights danced off the band's intricate stage setup. A slow and vibey “Tumble” came next, replete with the original tune's composed section and jam. The first set concluded with an arena-wide singalong to Michael Jackson's “Man in the Mirror,” and the mothership's computer signaled an imminent departure from the Mirror Planet to the next celestial destination.

WATCH | Goose - Fire (Jimi Hendrix Cover)

Goose plunged into the second set, setting the stage ablaze on the surface of the Fire Planet with a debut performance of Jimi Hendrix’s “Fire,” accentuated with dazzling pyrotechnics. The foot-tapping original “Creatures” ensued, effortlessly transitioning into a cathartic “(dawn).” A first-of-its-kind cover of Kings of Leon's “Sex on Fire” followed, preceding a tropical singalong to “Butter Rum.” “Arrow,” a standout from the band’s lauded 2022 album Dripfield, followed, and the set concluded with a high-octane rendition of Talking Heads' “Burning Down The House.”

The encore ignited with the catalog classic “So Ready,” morphing into the synth-led improvisational section of “Slow Ready.” The fan-favorite “Hot Tea” concluded the show, replete with a pulse-pounding jam.

A sold-out Goosemas night two lifts off tonight at Hampton Coliseum. Streams are available for purchase via

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