Goose | Radio City Music Hall | 6/25/2022

Article Contributed by Jamie Huenefeld | Published on Monday, June 27, 2022

The indie groove quintet Goose released their new album Dripfield on Saturday, June 25 to a sold out crowd at New York City's Radio City Music Hall. The show was the second of a two night stand, where both nights had three sets of music including a special acoustic first set. The band was joined on stage by two of their legendary musical influences, guitarist Trey Anastasio from Phish and indie folk singer-songwriter John Tillman, also known as Father John Misty.

Bassist Trevor Weekz | Goose

This weekend was the culmination of this band's perseverance, and showcased their outstanding musical journey, as they have ascended from an emerging artist playing small clubs in 2019 to selling out the iconic six thousand person capacity Radio City Music Hall. Famed Phish artist Jim Pollock designed the poster for this event. Goose also appeared on CBS Saturday Morning and offered a special album autograph session for lucky fans who acquired tickets in between shows. Hopefully the band found time to sleep last weekend.

Goose's accoustic set | Radio City Music Hall

The show began with the acoustic set, where the band was arranged in a straight line, and seated next to each other in chairs. Guitarist Rick Mitarotonda donned an acoustic guitar, and dove into "Atlas Dogs," followed by "Moonrise." The band delighted the audience with two first time played covers, starting with Arcade Fire's "Wake Up." Coincidentally, Stuart Bogie, who sat in with Goose the night before at Radio City, is a touring member of Arcade Fire. Bruce Springsteen's "Atlantic City" followed and got the crowd's attention. The original, high energy "Flodown" kicked off the dance party for the evening, as fans began to move and grove into the aisles. The set wound down with the elusive "Elmeg the Wise," last time played in San Francisco, Ca on January 30, 2022.

Guitarist Rick Mitarotonda | Goose

After a short break, the band emerged, albeit fully electrified. A sixteen minute "Rockdale" ignited the set, followed by a relatively standard "Seekers on the Ridge Part One." This melodically flowed into the layered "Seekers on the Ridge Part Two."

John Tillman aka Father John Misty joins Goose | Radio City Music Hall

The set took flight with a twenty two minute "Red Bird," as drummer Ben Atkind flapped his arms like wings deep into the jam. While mid-jam, multi-instrumentalist Peter Anspach welcomed one of their musical influences to the stage, Father John Misty, to contribute vocals for a cover of his tune, "I'm Writing a Novel." This legendary set closed with a monster "Creatures," and included a stellar multi-color lighting clinic that highlighted the arch over the stage by Lighting Director, Andrew Goedde. Before leaving the stage, Anspach announced that the band was playing an hour later than the night prior, much to the fan's delight.

Multi-instrumentalist Peter Anspach | Goose

About thirty minutes later, the band emerged, as the crowd buzzed with excitement over the extended set. They started this special set with "Silver Rising," from the new album, Dripfield. As the song ended, Anspach announced, "Everyone give it up for Trey Anastasio from Phish." The well known guitarist Trey Anastasio, who resides in New York City, appeared with his signature Languedoc guitar to much applause. The band was all smiles and beyond excited to be sharing the stage with this man.

Mitarotonda confers with Anastasio, before announcing "He's going to stay" | Radio City Music Hall

The set continued with "Hungersite," where Anastasio provided some vocals and wove his way into the mix. He and Mitarotonda took turns jamming this outstanding nineteen minute version. As the song wound down, the music flowed into the quintessential Goose tune "Arcadia." Anastasio sang the vocals for the third verse, which was a huge treat for Phish fans. Another fiery jam sequence ensued, with Anastasio and Mitarotonda building upon each other's licks.

Goose sold out Radio City Music Hall | New York, NY

At the conclusion of "Arcadia," Anastasio and Mitarotonda conferred on stage, with the former announcing, "he's going to stay." The sextet continued with "Dripfield" > "Loose Ends," which was last played on June 11, 2021 in Swanzey, NH. The band was truly appreciating Anastasio's presence on stage, as much as he was enjoying the experience. The set closed out with a face melting, twenty minute "Empress of Organos," that included another jam for the Goose history books. The musicians left the stage to boisterous applause.

Mitarotonda embraces Anastasio at the end of the bananas set | Goose

The band returned not only with Anastasio, but Father John Misty appeared as well. The band announced that Percussionist Jeff Arevalo would play guitar, where as Father John Misty took over Aervalo's drum kit. The all star group played "Tomorrow Never Knows" by the Beatles, and wrapped up a magical evening for Goose and their fans.

Radio City Music Hall | New York, NY

Goose has certainly come a long way. We can only hope that they will continue to build on their new found success. They are in the middle of a jam packed summer tour, appearing next at High Sierra Music Festival on June 30. Hop on over to their tour page for more details on shows in your area.

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Set One
Atlas Dogs, Moonrise, Wake Up18, Atlantic City28, Flodown, Elmeg the Wise

Set Two
Rockdale, Seekers on the Ridge Pt. 1 > Seekers on the Ridge Pt. 2, Red Bird> I'm Writing a Novel34, Creatures

Set Three
Silver Rising, Hungersite5, Arcadia5, Dripfield5 > Loose Ends5, The Empress of Organos5

Tomorrow Never Knows567

1. Arcade Fire cover
2. Bruce Springsteen cover
3. Father John Misty cover
4. With Father John Misty
5. With Trey Anastasio
6. Beatles cover
7. With Jeff Arevalo on guitar, plus Father John Misty on drums
8. First time played

Goose loved Trey Anastasio sitting in | Radio City Music Hall

Lighting Director Andrew Geodde for the win | Radio City Music Hall