Goose | Regency Ballroom | January 29, 2022

Article Contributed by Jamie Huenefeld | Published on Sunday, January 30, 2022

The rising, self declared indie groove jam band Goose delivered a stellar performance on Saturday night's sold out show at San Francisco's iconic Regency Ballroom, and the first of a two night stand in the Bay Area. Prior to the 2022 Winter Tour, the band last played in California in February of 2020, just prior to the shutdown for the covid-19 pandemic, ironically at the Regency Ballroom. This night marked an exciting homecoming for the band and fans. Many in attendance were at their first Goose show, and the band did not disappoint with tasty covers and a new song that is also a rare bust out.

Guitarist Rick Mitarotonda strolls past the Regency Ballroom | San Francisco, CA

The Regency Building was built in 1909, and is considered an example of Scottish Rite Architecture. It features neoclassic and beaux art styles, including 22 antique teardrop chandeliers that are wired into the house lighting system. The Ballroom is a perfect example of modernized classic architecture, and a must visit location for any music fan.

Multi-instrumentalist Peter Anspach | Goose

The festivities for the evening kicked off with the high energy tune "Doc Brown," which was originally written for multi-instrumentalist Peter Anspach's other band, Great Blue. Next up was the Vasudo tune "Rockdale," which recently debuted in the Goose repertoire at their 2021 Halloween performance in Worcester, Mass. "Yeti," another Great Blue tune, followed with a disco jam into the Beatles' "Tomorrow Never Knows." The band made their way back into Yeti, completing a stellar transition. The first set closed out on a high note with two recent debuts from New York City's Terminal 5 on October 9th, 2021, "This Old Man's Boat" > "Dragonfly."

Lights by Andrew Goedde | Regency Ballroom

After a quick break, the band returned to debut a new song that was also last played on April 18th, 2015, prior to Anspach joining the band, called "Red Bird." The seventeen minute jam was a delicious treat for both the old and new fans in the crowd. Walter Murphy's "A Fifth of Beethoven" followed with a dance hall feel. Vasudo's "Echo of a Rose" proceeded, albeit more up beat than usual. This was dubbed the "Fast Feel" version, per the show notes by road manager Jon "Coach" Lombardi. "This Old Sea," an older tune that has seen more play recently, was next and included a tremendous build up. This flaming hot set closed out with a funk filled, twenty minute "Empress of Organos." "Organos" included several notable teases, including "Jive 1" and "Don't Do It." As the band walked off stage, the crowd was on their feet, thirsty for more, and emphatically yelling for more Goose. The band obliged, and delivered the final tune for the evening: the reggae inspired "Doobie Song."

Guitarist Rick Mitarotonda | Goose

Goose has yet again delivered a heater, this time for the deserving fans in the Golden City. They seem to find a way to raise the bar with every show, and attract friendly crowds that elevate the experience, no matter what state they play in. Thankfully, they are on the road this winter across the USA, and show no signs of slowing down. Hop on over to their tour page for more details on shows in your region.

Fans loving the show | Regency Ballroom

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Percusionist Jeff Arevalo | Goose

Set One
Doc Brown, Rockdale, Yeti > Tomorrow Never Knows1 > Yeti, The Old Man’s Boat > Dragonfly

Set Two
Red Bird2, A Fifth Of Beethoven3, Echo Of A Rose4, This Old Sea, Empress Of Organos5

Doobie Song

1. The Beatles
2. Original, FTP
3. Walter Murphy
4. Fast feel version
5. Jive I tease, Don’t Do It Tease

Bassist Trevor Weekz | Goose