Gramatik launches Lowtemp Records Today w/ Single + Video

Article Contributed by MAGNUM PR | Published on Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Chart-topping DJ and producer Gramatik (formerly of the Pretty Lights Music label) is adding another project to his plate, a new label simply called Lowtemp. Launching today, the imprint will focus primarily on the artist's own music as well as his friend's releases, and in the future may recruit new artists. Gramatik states "The label name Lowtemp is an abbreviation for low temperature, which implies that the label is putting out ''cool'' music. :)"

After a long and fruitful time with Pretty Lights, Gramatik states that "I'm launching my own label because that is something I always wanted to do and I think it's something that every artist eventually wants, to be fully independent and have complete creative and executive control of their own artistry. It's a natural step forward. Pretty Lights Music is family for life, but the time has come for me to do my own thing." Gramatik thanks Derek Vincent Smith (aka Pretty Lights) for helping him reach his goal faster.

In celebration of the Lowtemp launch, Gramatik is gracing our ears with a  brand-new single "Bluestep", a signature Gramatik genre clash. The cut combines the vibes of raw 50's and 60's Blues with all kinds of EDM genres - the result is what he refers to as "Bluestep". It's a dynamic mixture of Blues and Dubstep, a plethora of screaming guitar, howling vocals and big bass, capturing the raw energies of both music worlds in a cohesive, yet outrageous picture.

"Bluestep" is the first take off Gramatik's upcoming full-length album,The Age of Reason,  due out this spring on Lowtemp.  Gramatik elaborates on the epic title, which was "inspired by a stand-up segment by comedian George Carlin. He made a joke on the fact that he was Catholic until he reached the age of reason. I also firmly believe that there comes a time in a human life when you reach the so-called 'age of reason' and realize that there are so many irrational beliefs, shameless contradictions and illogical restrictions inflicted upon society. Some people reach it sooner, others later, but a majority unfortunately never do. [Through my music] I'd like to guide more people to reach the age of reason sooner. Maybe. Or, hopefully at least unite the ones that feel the same way."

Gramatik also drops his new video for "Bluestep" which features highlights from his recent tour with the worldwide King of Wobble, Bassnectar. The clip includes footage from Gramatik's performances in the US, Canada, Russia, Belgium & Austria. The debut of his mesmerizing Tesla Coil stage installation is also documented in the video.

The Coil was unveiled at Gramatik's sold-out headlining show at the The Fillmore in Colorado this past November. This stage/light design was inspired by inventor Nikola Tesla, who Gramatik holds in high regard. The Tesla Coil, one of his most famous inventions, had always fascinated Gramatik so he wanted his stage design to be inspired by it, portraying its electrifying magnificence in an abstract, theatrical fashion. The Coil adds a whole new dimension and will captivate the imagination and ignite the audience energy at Gramatik performances to come.

Age of reason or reason enough, the revolution begins now.


Feb 14    Sapphire Nightclub w/Funkanomics    Kelowna,Canada
Feb 15    Sugar Nightclub                                   Victoria, Canada
Feb 16    Electric Owl                                          Vancouver, Canada
Feb 23    The Riviera                                           Chicago, IL
Mar 8      Public Works                                        San Francisco, CA
Mar 9      Caras Park Pavilion                             Missoula, MT    
Mar 10    Grizmatik at Snowball Music Festival  Winter Park, CO
Mar 14    Oxford Art Factory                               Sydney, Australia
Mar 15    Brown Alley                                          Melbourne, Australia
Mar 20    Bennu                                                   Dundein, New Zealand
Mar 22    San Francisco Bath House                  Wellington, Australia
Mar 23    420 K'rd                                                Auckland, New Zealand