Texas Eclipse Fest Totality Announcement Joining over 300+ participants

Article Contributed by MAGNUM PR | Published on Thursday, January 11, 2024

Award-winning global promoter Disco Donnie Presents (DDP) and experiential event company Probably Nothing are thrilled to reveal the Totality announcement for Texas Eclipse, featuring musical artists as well as esteemed space, tech and AI experts, plus science and wellness thought leaders.

The wonders of space and the achievements of human exploration converge as even more distinguished speakers will recount their extraordinary extraterrestrial journeys at Texas Eclipse. Christopher Huie is the co-founder for Virgin Galactic’s Black Leadership in Aerospace Scholarship and Training (BLAST) Program, who will be sharing his experiences in space and his passion to mentor college students with the aim of increasing the number of Black leaders in the aerospace industry. Dr. Chris Boshuizen is not only an astronaut with Blue Origin, but the first Astronaut turned DJ AKA DJ Dr. Chrispy, making his appearance at Texas Eclipse all the more exciting. Dubbed as “the sound of space”, Test Shot Starfish will headline the highly anticipated Yuri’s Night party - an interstellar-themed party that uses the excitement and inspiration of space as a catalyst for educating and developing the next generation of explorers.
These musical artists artists announced below will be joined by the 100+ musical acts previously announced – Barclay Crenshaw, Big Gigantic, Bob Moses (Club Set), Boogie T, Clozee (Sunset Set), Freedom Fighters, GMS, Joe Russo's Almost Dead, Lee Burridge, Level UP, LSDream, Martha Van Straaten,  STS9, Subtronics, The Disco Biscuits, Tipper (Twilight Set), Tycho, Vulfpeck, Zeds Dead, and Zingara to name a few.
Ata • Bigredmachine • Bob Moses (Club Set) • Britta Arnold • Christian Martin • Desert Hearts • Dj Three • Eitan Rieter • Galen • Giz • Halsteady • Kenergy • Konstantin • Lee Burridge • Lotte Ahoi • LP Giobbi • Maayan Nidam • Magupi • Majitope • Mark Farina • Martha Van Straaten • Matt Caines • Maya Jane Coles • Mira • Oona Dahl • Patricio • Paul Oakenfold • Pilocka Krach • RiRi • Seth Troxler (Sunset Set) • Shawna • Tiga • Tonyinorbit • Treavor Moontribe • Vintage Culture • Yuli Fershtat

The Sky Stage, synonymous with techno and global house excellence, welcomes Art With Me co-founder Matt Caines into its stellar lineup. Known for his sophisticated and emotive house rhythms, Caines has the remarkable ability to guide crowds into a harmonious blend of movement and ritual. Joining this celestial dance, Tiga, a titan in the dance music realm, adds his legendary touch as a forward-thinking artist. His unbridled creativity shines through hypnotic tracks that are truly unique to his distinctive style. Additionally, the Sky Stage is honored to host DJ Three, an underground pioneer since the early '90s. His enduring legacy continues to shape electronic music, making his presence on the Sky Stage all the more special.
Ajja • Atash • Balkan Bump • Captain Hook • Coupe Dvlle • Danni G • David Starfire • Desert Dwellers • Dragonfly • Elephant Heart • Equanimous • Evan Hatfield • Fanna-Fi-Allah (2 Sets) • Golden Dawn Arkestra • Govinda • High Step Society • Jaguartivist Ephcto • Joaqopelli • Kr3ture • Lemonella • Lis • Liquid Bloom • Logie • Mah Ze Tar • Many Names • Mark Farina (Mushroom Jazz Set) • Martha Van Straaten • Mose •  Plxmtrees • Rafe Pearlman + Daniel Berkman • Red Giant Project • Savej • Skysia • Soohan • Souleye • Spoonbill • Temple Step •  Traveler • Tv Broken Ft Katie Skene • Vincent Antone • Wazoo
The Earth Stage is set to host the festival’s widest variety of music. There, a through-line of eclectic sounds weaves together a tapestry of talent whose styles range from traditional, indigenous, and folkloric live music to the most contemporary expression of sophisticated dance music.  It all serves as a testament to the beauty of our interconnectedness while transcending geographical and cultural boundaries.
Austin’s very own Golden Dawn Arkestra, who NPR describes as “a crazy and wonderful mix of sight and sound, with big, bold costumes and music that meets somewhere between Sun Ra and Sly Stone,” will conduct an extra-dimensional performance involving space and time travel through the use of sound and movement.
Another rare treat that can only be experienced at Texas Eclipse will be a unique B2B set from world renown Māori artist AJJA who is self-described “indigenous soul’’ and one of the top musicians and producers in the Psychedelic & Progressive Trance scene Captain Hook, together performing a unique downtempo set.
Indigenous artist & flutist Joaqopelli will create an enchanting experience through his performance while visionary artivist Jaguartivist Ephcto is determined to awaken the consciousness of attendees through interactive audio visual experiences that in turn honor the planet, and the celestial eclipse.

Abstrakt Sonance • Ahee • All:Lo Collective (Park Breezy, Pheel, Tf Marz, Thought Process) • Anna Morgan (2 Sets) • Ashez • Atyya • Be1ng •  Bogl • Christian Martin (Dnb) • Chmura • Deep Dark And Dangerous (Truth, Abstrakt Sonance & Khiva) • Dimond Saints • Dov1 • Drrtywulvz • El Papachango • Full Spektrum • Hamdi • Iterate • Ivy Lab • Josh Teed • Juju • Khiva (2 Sets) • K + Lab • K.L.O • Leo Burnside • Mood Swing And Chevy Bass • Monty • Nathalis • Park Breezy • Pheel • Potions • Saka • Sicaria • Skeler • Spoonbill • Sylph • Tf Marz • The Librarian • Thought Process • Visages • Yohm • Zen Selekta • Ziv
Under the lunar glow, the Moon Stage will feature an array of bass, dubstep, glitch, and hip hop beats. Ahee is a bass alchemist, with a sonic arsenal resonating with both thunderous intensity and invigorating energy. Now a galvanizing presence in the ‘Future Beats’ movement, UK duo Ivy Lab have crafted a new generation of hip-hop inspired abstractions that flirts within the drum and bass spectrum. Anna Morgan will offer a double dose of lunar delight through two performances, bringing an energy fueled dose of classic rave sounds with hip hop toplines and drum and bass elements. Australian party purveyors Mood Swing & Chevy Bass will add a vibrant touch to the moon stage, with their colorful, circus-esque performances fueled by thumping beats, wailing keytars, electronic samplers, tribal percussion, banging horn sections, electric cello and dance floor aerobics…you name it.

1200 MICS by Riktam • Ajja • AMPLIFY • ANIMALIEN • Atmos • Avalon • AVALON & MAD MAXX present: HORIZON • BARAKUDA • Brian Sentient • Captain Hook • CHRISTOPHER LAWRENCE • Daijiro • DAKSINAMURTI • DIGITAL HIPPIE • DJ DIGOA • DYLALIEN • Freedom Fighters • GMS • Gu • Hatta • Jossie Telch • Kasey Taylor • KHROMATA • Kleiman • Kromagon • LOOPUS IN FABULA • Mad Tribe • Magik • Modus • Out of Orbit • PARADIGM • Parus • Penta • Perfect Stranger • Regan • ROB FRACTALTRIBE • SCHROTT • Shove • SPEC • TERRAKROMA • Treavor Moontribe • Tsuyoshi Suzuki • Uncharted Territory • with a very special Goa Gil Tribute (24 Hour Popup by Friends Of Goa Gil)
The Sun Stage is set to be a psychedelic trance playground with some of the most reputable names in this realm. Riktam will present his 1200 MICS set, a favorite in the global psychedelic world. Treavor Moontribe has been at the heart of Southern California’s underground scene, especially through the legendary full moon desert gathering gatherings he helped pioneer at Moontribe Collective. As a DJ, his ability to curate a sonic journey that spans across multiple genres makes him a perfect fit for the eclectic and vibrant atmosphere of the Sun Stage.
Bad Snacks • Big Gigantic •  Boogie T.Rio • Dirtwire • Joe Russo's Almost Dead • Kerala Dust  • Moon Tricks • Oteil and Friends • Snow Raven • STS9  • Sunsquabi • The Disco Biscuits • The Floozies • The String Cheese Incident • Tycho • Vulfpeck
Axel Thesleff • Barclay Crenshaw • Boogie T • Bwoy De Bhajan • Clozee (Sunset set) • Cosmic Trigger • Dirt Monkey • Duffrey • Floret Loret • Jordnmoody • Level UP • LSDream • Megan Hamilton • Of The Trees • OPIUO • Saka • Somatoast • Subtronics • Tipper (Twilight Set) • Tripp St. • Truth • Zeds Dead • Zingara
Texas Eclipse will transform Reveille Peak Ranch (1 hour from ATX) into a magnificent sanctuary of music, creativity, inspiration, and cultural exchange at the Eclipse Village for five days and nights. Together, thousands of participants will create an unparalleled convergence of captivating art installations, a multitude of musical genre performances, space exploration, cutting-edge technology, futurism with pioneers in web3 and AI, and the wonders of nature. This vibrant gathering will feature performances, holistic/wellness workshops, interactive experiences and so much more.