Grateful Guitars Foundation Inaugural All-Star Benefit Concert

Article Contributed by Dennis McNally | Published on Thursday, June 15, 2023

There is something a little magical about musical instruments, with their ability to translate ideas into sound and move hearts.  Grateful Guitars Foundation founder Andy Logan began to collect the model and style of guitars that Jerry Garcia and Bob Weir played and for the past ten years and counting has loaned them out to bands seeking to recapture period-specific tones.  Eventually, he owned some of the instruments they’d actually played, including “Alligator” (a Fender Stratocaster Garcia played from 1971 to 1973 so-named because of a sticker on it) and the Martin D-28 with which he recorded “Ripple,” as well as Weir’s Modulus Blackknife (used 1983 to 1985) and a few more owned by Weir, as well as amps, speaker cabinets and keyboards all used by the Grateful Dead.

“These instruments should be played, not mounted on a wall.  I wanted to share them with the fans and players who have loved the Grateful Dead, so that the jam scene is enlivened by their unique tones and historical significance,” said Andy.

Andy has since been joined by Jason Scheuner, who owns several Phil Lesh played instruments, notably Mission Control (used 1974 to 1979) and Jason offers his basses to players to spread this same joy. Recently, David Meerman Scott and Nate Bidner joined the Grateful Guitars Foundation; they also own guitars formerly owned by Bob Weir and also loan them out for all to enjoy.

In addition to loaning out these legendary treasures, all work with the highly committed board on the Grateful Guitars Foundation, which commissions high-end custom guitars that go to the leading guitarists in the jam-band and Dead tribute band world.  These instruments inspire players to reach their full potential and bring the unique tones that fans crave with the intention of helping the jam scene last forever.

“Since the Grateful Dead’s legendary Blues for Allah record release in 1975, 8/13 is an important date for the Great American Music Hall. We are excited to honor this date by hosting this inaugural benefit for the Grateful Guitars Foundation, as we fully support their cause to get top instruments into the hands of these incredible players,” said Fred Barnes, Senior Talent Buyer and General Manager, Great American Music Hall.


Confirmed artists

Alex Jordan (Cubensis)

Jeff Mattson (DSO)

Rob Eaton (DSO)

Skip Vangelas (DSO)

Rob Barraco (DSO)

Dino English (DSO)

John Kadlecik (Furthur)

Stu Allen (Phil & Friends)

Garrett Deloian (JMF)

Nate LaPointe (Cubensis)

Brad Rhodus.(Cubensis)

Scott Guberman (Phil & Friends)

Sunshine Becker (Furthur)

Elliott Peck (Midnight North)

Zach Nugent (Dead Set)

Danny Eisenberg (Mother Hips)

Brian Rashap (Mother Hips)

Jeremy Hoenig (Melvin Seals & JGB)

Roger Sideman (China Cats)