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I last reviewed a streamed Billy Strings show in July. A lot has changed since then. Online concerts have grown more sophisticated, with platforms like Twitch taking the tech out of the artist’s hands. Billy’s hair? That too has changed from the oft braided locks of an up and comer to the mullet of someone who has arrived.

263 submissions and counting! You've certainly outdone yourselves thus far. Still working on the perfect take? Whether you're rolling solo or gathering up the gang, it's high time to get your chips cashed in. Simply upload your video to YouTube, tag it "deadcoversproject" and we'll make it available to view on the band's official YouTube channel.

Six nights of musical improvisation from Billy Strings start tomorrow, streaming live from the Capitol Theatre in Port Chester, NY.

Greetings fellow Deadheads, family, friends and all ~

A recent injury left Dark Star Orchestra musician Rob Eaton with a fractured ulna and radius in his left wrist. He currently is keeping these bones all together with pins, screws and a plate. 

With guitar playing still on the horizon, Rob is expected to make a full recovery and return to the stage with DSO in the near future.

Writing has always been a hobby. I created sonnets to unleash my teenage angst. I did my undergraduate thesis, basically a short story, about interning at an anti-gun violence nonprofit where I focused on the flavorful like shooting an AK-47, melting guns to transform them into art and working with ex-convicts in the Tenderloin. In my late thirties I launched into book reviews taking on the obscure to the popular, posting them on a funky Google blog earning a few bucks a month from clicks. Currently, I’m in the process of writing a memoir.

The submissions are comin' in and what a mighty fine bunch they are - from the (naturally) all female-fronted Brown Eyed Women Band to a Hebrew version of "Friend Of The Devil," we're already feeling inspired. How about you? There's plenty of time to bide, so why not safely gather your tribe or do the Dead from a distance?

Hear ye, hear ye, hear ye! Gentle mistresses and most distinguished gentlemen, we have come upon the release of the DAVE'S PICKS VOLUME 37, from the Fifteenth of April in the year Nineteen Seventy-Eight, at ye olde College Of William & Mary in Williamsburg, Virginia.

But I am very glad to finally be looking at 2020 in the rear-view mirror! It has been interesting seeing how different artists have been coping with the pandemic and related restrictions. I have, like everyone of course, had to cancel and reschedule a number of shows and scaled waaaaaay back on touring. Fortunately, I had been working on my Solo Acousti’Lectric show pre-covid and have been able to hang in there doing occasional outdoor events and extremely reduced-capacity indoor events.


Boulder, CO

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Add to Calendar 2021-05-15 02:00:00 2021-05-15 02:00:00 Title Description Location Grateful Web America/Denver public is super excited for this year's DEAD COVERS PROJECT because let's face it, we know you've been hunkered down and honing in on your musical and even more certainly, your video skills. Turn on the studio lights, pick like Jerry, peck like Pigpen, and take it up an octave because it's nearly time for the fun to begin.

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