Grateful Web does the 10KLF Part III

Article Contributed by brent | Published on Monday, July 24, 2006

Well, the fourth annual 10K Festival is under our belts now, with a Saturday line up that equaled Thursdays and Fridays. Keller Williams show was so packed they had to turn people away, and Trey's show was awesome with no Phish music in sight. (Phil in fact did not stay around to jam indecently.) He played some new stuff, a couple off his solo album, closed out the show with a couple of covers, Won't Get Fooled Again by the Who and Get Back from the Beatles. I queried a lot of people over the three days I was there, and everyone said the same thing - it was just a great festival. I think the worst thing I heard someone say about it was there weren't enough places to get coffee in the morning.

As far as the music goes, I think it needs to be said that the difference between the up and coming bands in the smallest venue, and the headliners should be measured by inches, not miles. In fact in many instances, my humble opinion would be that it boils down to one simple fact - fan base. Right before Trey played; I looked in one of the smaller venues, where the band could have just about done the main stage show. If I start mentioning them now I'll have to mention them all, but you can look on the 10k Fest web page for more band names. There were so many regional bands that were just smoking', (some of them I'll do features on in the coming months), and nobody there sucked.They had variety too, there were bluegrass bands, and jazz fusions bands, and everything in between.

Personally I need to thank Dave Weissman the media coordinator for treating me good, and I have to mention my camping buddies also - Darrin, Dawn Pillar, D.J., John, Angie, and her friend. When they all found out I was there alone, they took me in, fed me steak, and hung out. Thanks guys.

See everyone next year, if you haven't been to Minnesota lately or at all I recommend you make plans now to attend 10LK 5.

More pictures from the 10KLF.