GW Premiere: Banjolectric's "So Below"

Article Contributed by gratefulweb | Published on Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Shattering your idea of "banjo music," Banjolectric’s Gregory Mulkern is shaking up expectations for America's original folk instrument. Combining modern beats, contemporary lyrics, and international sounds with traditional banjo technique, Mulkern stays true to the roots of the 5-string banjo while reimagining "Americana" for a modern 21st-century America.

With fresh original songs drawing from roots, funk, rock, trip hop, and global music, Banjolectric’s innovative debut EP ‘So Below’ was released today. Supporting the inventive songwriting, the recording process was equally innovative: every musical sound on the album, from drums to ambient noises, was produced with only (you guessed it) the 5-string banjo. Already, the project has made a splash in Europe, where Mulkern recently completed a headlining tour, after appearing at his hometown festivals, Detroit Riverdays and Detroit Music Weekend on bills with Kool & The Gang, The Jacksons, and many others.

The noir song “Pope Lick Road” includes percussion, slide, and bass lines, all emanating from the banjo. “My Two Hands” kicks off sounding like Appalachia before kicking on the overdrive. The tender earworm “Wrap you In My Melody” displays Mulkern’s vocal gifts.

Banjolectric ‘So Below’ track listing

1.     Pope Lick Road
2.     Narration One
3.     A Better Man
4.     My Two Hands
5.     Narration Two
6.     Wrap You In My Melody
7.     Carry Me