GW Premiere: KIMOCK's "Satellite City"

Article Contributed by | Published on Sunday, September 24, 2017

“Satellite City” is the first single from Steve Kimock’s forthcoming (October 27th) album of the same name.  It will be available September 27th at ITunes and Amazon and of course at The tune sets Kimock’s splendid guitar against Leslie Mendelson’s beautiful voice in a beautifully mystical dream state, and it’s a wonderful choice in what will be a superb album. 

Two years ago Steve spent a winter’s retreat in a barn with lots of acoustic guitars and an engineer making Last Danger of Frost.  He chose Leslie, his son John Morgan Kimock (drums) and Bobby Vega (bass) to make up the band that toured behind the release, and they found themselves inspired to write lots more songs, which gives us Satellite City.

Steve Kimock’s imaginative guitar work continues to evolve. For over forty years he’s crafted boundless music that captivates and expands consciousness.

KIMOCK is a project that began in January of 2017 with a group of improvisational veterans both family and old friends.

Steve and his gifted son John Morgan enlisted musical blood brother Bobby Vega alongside blooming collaborator Leslie Mendelson.

Steve Kimock | photo by Dylan Muhlberg

The band shattered preconceived notions based upon Kimock’s expansive previous compositional catalogue. A key factor in the shifting emphasis toward original lyrics and vocals was sparked by Steve and Leslie’s potent musical comradery.

KIMOCK’s many performances nationwide have captured the adoration of Steve’s extensive devoted fan base.

Grateful Web is pleased to premier a KIMOCK original, soon to be released on the group’s first studio album. “Satellite City,” is a perfect capsule of the wistful song-craftsmanship this ensemble is capable of. The band KIMOCK will tour behind the CD in November. For now, listen to the single, “Satellite City,” and enjoy.