GW Premiere: Knovo's “Dizzy Kong”

Article Contributed by gratefulweb | Published on Friday, December 11, 2020

Knovo are back with their second single, Dizzy Kong, a funky romp of nostalgia and fleeting sentiments. After releasing their debut single “Fake” and performing a few shows, Knovo went into isolated lockdown like everybody else. Fortunately, the Dizzy Kong recording sessions happened before the quarantine, and the band worked remotely to wrap up the finishing pieces and arrangements. Dizzy Kong features Tula Pisano on vocals and is just the upbeat dash of positivity needed right now.

The band really hit their stride on Dizzy Kong, the track is filled with blips, bleeps, and flourishes galore. Each section is like another level on a video game and hold on for the bonus round! There is a full breakdown that is nearly 8-bit, save for the throwback metal guitar riff that comes looming.

The vocals of Tula Pisano create a carefree and hopeful mood as she remembers youthful days playing with her brother. “Bumblebees and rumblings, on the track to better things” is the vibe throughout, it is a fun tune. Each of her verses is accentuated with exceptional keyboards, or drums, but never too much at one time. Dizzy Kong comes off with a pulsing rhythm, whimsical feeling, and some smooth vocal arrangements.